Tim Cook says Apple questions continuity of ads on X

2023-09-19 20:40:56

In an interview with Sunday Morning (CBS), Tim CookCEO of Apple, discussed a range of topics, from the company’s environmental initiatives to political equality and advertising on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Cook began the conversation by emphasizing Apple’s commitment to protecting the environment, making it clear that the company is focused on finding practical solutions that make financial sense.

He mentioned Maçã’s investments in clean energy, such as a solar panel plant in Texas (United States), which aims to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible in all stages of production and operation of the company’s products.

It can be done and it can be done in a way that others can replicate, which is very important to us. We want to be the rock that creates ripples in the lake. We want people to see this and say, “I can do that too” or “I can do half of that.” We want people to be inspired by this and adopt it as an example.

The interview then addressed Cook’s stance on political and social equality, and the executive reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect, even in places where there may be disagreements with the local government.

There will always be situations where we are selling or operating in a location where we have differences of opinion about something. But […] We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect. This is how we present ourselves as a company. We believe in being part of the community and trying to advocate for change, rather than isolating ourselves and moving away.

During the conversation, Cook also spoke about X’s various problems with anti-Semitism — content that the CEO called “abominable” —, stating categorically that “there is no place for it”.

When asked whether Apple would reconsider advertising on the social network in light of these incidents, Cook mentioned that it’s a question the company constantly asks itself, emphasizing the importance of the old Twitter as a platform for dialogue.

It’s something we question ourselves. In general, my view is that Twitter is an important property. I like the concept that it’s there for dialogue and as a public square. However, there are also things about it that I don’t like!

Cook also shared insights about the company’s approach to returning to in-person work after the COVID-19 pandemic, explaining that the company admitted it did not know what was best for itself.

So we decided to do a pilot test where people would come to the office three days a week. We deal with user experience, and that requires collaboration. We knew it needed to involve a significant amount of in-person work. And we are still in the testing period to this day.

Finally, Cook ensured that the launch of Apple Vision Pro It should, in fact, happen at the beginning of 2024, and he revealed that he is already using the headset on a daily basis — he even watched the entire third season of “Ted Lasso” with the gadget.

When asked if the Vision Pro’s manufacturing challenges are similar to those of an iPhone, Cook said they are not, and that the headset is “more complex, requiring innovation not only in development, but also in manufacturing.”

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