Technology Tim Cook sidelines a stalker

Tim Cook sidelines a stalker


Harassed for several months by an individual, Tim Cook obtained a removal order pending a hearing, reports NBC News.

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The facts begin last September when a man, Rakesh Sharma, repeatedly leaves messages deemed ” worrisome On the answering machine of an Apple executive.

Nicknamed Rocky, the stalker then tries to enter Tim Cook’s property in early December, champagne and flowers in hand. At the same time, he is trying to attract the attention of the CEO by questioning him on Twitter. Most of his tweets contain sexual photographs of him.

On January 15, he again entered Tim Cook’s property and managed to ring the doorbell directly before fleeing.

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World News :

In the complaint filed by Apple management, it is mentioned that the harasser threatened to use a firearm. ” I don’t use a gun but I know people who do “, He said, insisting that he knew the addresses of the different members of the team.

A restraining order has been issued ordering Sharma to stay away from Tim Cook, his property and Apple Park. Other injunctions concerning the homes of the rest of the management team, the premises of the company and several Apple Stores were meanwhile rejected by the courts, as covering too large areas. A hearing is scheduled for March 3.



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