TIM deceives customers by saying it offers Deezer Premium

2023-09-19 13:16:00

TIM is deceiving its customers who use Deezer Premium. This was discovered by an Oficina da Net reader when comparing the free 12-month Deezer subscription offered by Mercado Livre with TIM’s “Deezer Premium”. The difference is that TIM does not offer lossless transmissionwhile Mercado Livre offers quality equivalent to that of a CD.

TIM has a page dedicated to the partnership with Deezer claiming to offer the Deezer Premium plan and deceiving customers. Source: TIM

According to Júlio, reader of Oficina da Net, when subscribing to the TIM Black plan, the Deezer application transmits files with bitrate [2] of only 320 kbps. The big problem with this is that in October 2022, a Deezer spokesperson told Oficina da Net the following:

Hi-Fi has been a reality at Deezer since 2019. What is happening now in 2022 is its implementation across all plans, that is, it will become a standard. It’s not new.

[2] Article about what bitrate is and how to calculate it

In other words, since the end of 2022, Deezer has incorporated lossless transmission into its Deezer Premium plan and abolished it from the Deezer Hi-Fi plan. If you now access the streaming service’s website, you will see that there is no longer the option to subscribe to the “Hi-Fi” plan, only the “Premium”.

Screenshot with the standard plans currently offered by Deezer. Source: Vitor Valeri

Júlio confirms that he actually does not have access to the benefit offered by default by Deezer on TIM, saying:

My TIM Deezer Premium plan does not include access to HI-FI music, I discovered this when I downloaded music through “deemix” [3] and the program warned me that I don’t have access to FLAC songs.

[3] deemix is a base library for the Deezer download system developed from Deezloader Remix, an application used to download music.

Soon after, Júlio adds:

I tested the ML subscription here [Mercado Livre] and TIM in “deemix”, TIM’s does not release FLAC 1411 kbps, but ML’s does, so much so that in TIM’s the program [demix] recognizes it as Premium and in ML as “Hi-fi”.

There is currently a TIM page dedicated to the “Deezer Premium” benefit offered to customers of TIM Black, TIM Black Família, TIM Pós, TIM Beta, TIM Pré Top Hits plans, some TIM Live Ultra Fibra plans and some TIM Controle plans. However, as mentioned above, the “Deezer Premium” plan offered by TIM transmits files with a bitrate of 320 kbps, while the same plan offered by Deezer transmits music at 1411 kbps. Looking for clarification, Oficina da Net contacted Deezer and the response was as follows:

Deezer plans purchased via partners may have different features. This variation occurs, as it depends on the plan you contract with your operator.

In other words, operators can “personalize” the plans officially offered by Deezer, creating exclusive plans, which have adjustments created specifically for the benefit offered by the music streaming service’s partner company. Ultimately, there is no guarantee for Deezer partner customers that they are actually acquiring the same benefits described on the Deezer website.

What do Deezer and TIM offer anyway?

Check out a table below showing what is offered by TIM and Deezer’s standard plans.

Download music

TIM Deezer Go
320 kbps Not “Free”

TIM Deezer Premium
320 kbps Yes “Free”

TIM Deezer Hi-Fi
320 kbps
R$ 24

Free Deezer
128 kbps Not Free

Deezer Premium
1411 kbps
R$ 22,90

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