Tim Knol feels happier and more creative thanks to weight loss NOW

Tim Knol, who lost 30 kilograms in six months, also notices from his mood that he feels better. The singer says that he has become calmer and more creative, among other things.

In conversation with de Volkskrant tells thirty-year-old Knol that after physical complaints he felt dizzy to turn his life around.

“Last summer, I was 29, I was at the Parade in Rotterdam. It was 35 degrees in the tent and I weighed 118 kilos,” says Knol, known for his hit, among other things. Sam. “I stood there and thought: Jesus, I can’t handle this. I got light in my head and dizzy. And yet I still drank every day.”

He stopped drinking, eating snacks and moving more. “Now I feel better, calmer, more creative and happier. On Twitter, I got reactions from people who thought I was just going to write happy songs. But you don’t have to be unhappy to write beautiful songs.”


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