Tinder debuts incognito mode and other security features

O Tinder introduced this week a wave of security features that seek to give its users more control over who can interact with their profiles on the platform. The news includes both regular users of the dating app and Tinder+, Gold and Premium subscribers.

The first big news is the Incognito Mode, a kind of incognito mode exclusive to subscribers. According to the company, when activating it, the user will still be able to interact with other people’s profiles, but only users with whom he interacted previously will be able to see his profile in their recommendations. Thus, it is not necessary to completely hide a profile to limit who can see it.

Another change is the possibility of blocking anyone within the platform when browsing your recommendations. Previously, it was only possible to prevent people present in the user’s contacts from appearing in the feed. As noted by Tinder, this is a great way to prevent an ex or family member from showing up on your app.

Reporting a profile within the platform has also become easier. Now, just tap and hold on an offensive message to open Tinder’s support interface and report the person who sent it without even leaving the conversation. The company said it expects to receive a higher number of complaints with this change.

Finally, the alerts “Does This Bother you?” (“Does it bother you?”) and “Are You Sure?” (“Are you sure?”), which always appear when a text with inappropriate content is identified, can now be seen with an even greater number of messages. According to Tinder, since this feature was launched, the number of reports has increased by 46% on the platform.

These novelties can already be checked by Tinder users on both iOS and Android, with the exception of the new reporting system, which will remain exclusive to cell phones equipped with the Google operating system for a while longer. The forecast is that it paints on the iPhone still in this first quarter of 2023.

Along with all these resources, Tinder also launched the campaign “Green Flags”which instructs its users to be careful not to fall for scams when using the app.

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