Tiny Houses in Bavaria: freedom versus bureaucracy – Bavaria

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Tiny Houses mean freedom for many people. The first Bavarian mini-house settlement in the Fichtelgebirge is already standing, a second at Neuburg on the Danube is to follow. Simple cottage, simple life?

Interested Stefan Huber has enough. So many that he can not accommodate them all. There is the entrepreneur from Munich, there are people from Stuttgart. Graphic designers have contacted him, programmers, even retirees who do not need much living space. They all want to set up a so-called Tiny House on a meadow by farmer Stefan Huber in Markt Rennertshofen in the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen: a small house that is cleverly planned so that it only has 20 to 40 square meters of living space. And then all those interested want to live there.

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