Tips for ‘health care’ during ‘lockdown’

July 21, 2021 | By Mikle / Pictured: Claudia Soares on Unsplash


Staying at home. Stop germs… again. During the “lockdown”, you can’t go anywhere, but your body must always be healthy. Pharmacists from “Boots” recommend tips for “health care” to build immunity from the inside out.

Miss Phiphansa Waewhong pharmacist from Boots say that health care It’s very important to take care of yourself during lockdown. Eat nutritious food, drink clean water, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

Some families also have to look at patients who are infected with COVID. Those who bear such heavy burdens must be strengthened. Build immunity from the inside out, now a comprehensive health app Boots app Design new features for free by visiting Consult Boots Pharmacist (Talk to Pharmacist) with a mobile application don’t have to leave the house

Miss Phiphansa Waewhong

Miss Phiphansa Waewhong suggest that “During the covid epidemic-19 method health care It is important to maintain good health at all times. Especially now it’s the rainy season. can easily get sick Therefore, we should take care of our immune system to be strong by taking vitamins or supplements that each person’s body lacks. which each person will not be the same, for example If we are a person who catches cold easily It may be supplemented with vitamin C. to boost immunity Or if we are people who rarely go out to see the sun. Now you have to stay at home during lockdown. You can also find vitamin D supplements. I have another as well.

For taking care of yourself if you have to live with COVID-19 patients How do you do it at home?

As the epidemic situation continues to increase, we cannot know who is already sick. because some people show symptoms Some people have no pronounced symptoms. Therefore, to start taking care of yourself and protect yourself, you can start by taking care of your body to be healthy always. and protect yourself by Wear a mask all the time who live together Separation of rooms or zones in the residence such as bedrooms, bathrooms, separated from each other to prevent the spread of the virus.

In terms of hygiene, it must be maintained at all times. Be sure to wash your hands often not eating together Separate plates – bowls, do not share containers, keeping distance including spraying alcohol disinfectant every time an object is touched, etc.


Boots app Features Talk to Pharmacist

They can also observe their own symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and whether the sense of smell is normal or not. Use a fingertip oxygen meter to help. If the oxygen value is below 95%, it is considered abnormal. And if you want to know more or have questions about the Rapid Antigen Test that is how it is used You can consult a Boots pharmacist at Boots app Features Talk to Pharmacist All right.”


Drink enough clean water (Photo credit: Claudia Soares on Unsplash)

They can also ask about personal information such as congenital diseases, health concerns, skin concerns, and health care by Boots pharmacists who have been trained in health knowledge. and insights on COVID-19 from WBA Global Network and Boots Thailand


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Yoga therapy for both body and mind (Photo :

Dr. Bert – Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, MD. Director of the Chitrak Center Bangkok Hospital Guidelines Take care of your physical and mental health lockdown period

– If infected or in quarantine will be very worried, the doctor recommends give rest to rest the lungs Because some people will call friends to consult a doctor. which, if an infected person When you talk a lot, your lungs get tired. Therefore it is recommended to reduce the use of the phone. reduced talking or Talk as much as you really need to allow your lungs to breathe fully. will make the lungs recover faster

– If detained There are some people who are still worried about working. Often call to order work, the doctor wants to The first thing is to take care of yourself. try to share the burden with others We must strictly take care of ourselves according to the doctor’s advice.

– In case of doubt or being in a high-risk group come back to check breathing Check if you have a fever have dizziness

– Even if you stay at home, lock down, but in some cases you have to leave the house to do necessary errands When returning home, always want to check the risks. place-people

– Check your mental state as well If you’re worried until you’re stressed or have a mental breakdown Seek professional help immediately.

– case of stress Anxious to the point of being unbearable The doctor suggested that the method “Relax” You have to know yourself that if your mind is falling Been drowning like that for 2 hours. In conclusion, I’m more stressed Taking a break will gradually ease your anxiety.


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