Tips for healthy eating during the holidays

It is common that during the end of the year celebrations Let’s change our diet for some typical dishes or products of these dates. These foods may not necessarily be aligned to a healthy regimen if we are not careful.

For David León Lizama, professor of the Nutrition and Dietetics career at the Technological University of Peru (UTP), It is important to maintain a balance, or homeostasis, in these end of the year holidays and to strengthen our body by consuming food properly.

“The tradition of chocolate, panettone and Christmas dinner can play against us in terms of indigestion and excess calories, if we do not have the proper care. We must choose one of them, opt for what is healthy and measure the portions to consume, “said David.

He shares some Recommendations that can help us enjoy the typical foods of these dates, without harming our nutrition.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

They are foods that are important, since they increase the body’s defenses, thanks to their high content of vitamins and minerals.

2. Reduce the consumption of saturated fat

Present in red meats, sausages and Christmas cakes. It is preferable to choose vegetable fats such as those provided by olive oil and oily fish, thanks to their heart-healthy properties.

3. Protein intake

White meat, fish, eggs and protein of vegetable origin, legumes, nuts, should be consumed in adequate portions as they help to strengthen our immune system.

4. Include carbohydrates

They are present in cereals, pasta and rice. In addition to energy, they provide fiber and improve intestinal transit, especially unrefined products. However, we must consume them wisely so as not to exceed our calorie intake.

5. Reheated foods

Eating reheated food could be harmful to your health, especially if it is greasy and highly seasoned food. This implies that toxinfectious microorganisms develop in the environment and be a health risk producing stomach pain and severe gastrointestinal poisoning. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious with the consumption of these foods

6. Don’t forget physical activity

Finally, doing physical activities will help us maintain a caloric balance. It is important that they are part of our lifestyle, beyond the allusive to avoid being overweight.


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