Tips from celebrities.. 6 secret tricks to lose weight quickly

Celebrities have to lose weight All the time to play different roles or prepare for live shows, some of them exercise and eat healthy food as a lifestyle to take care of their mental and physical health.

Regardless of the reason, losing weight quickly is possible as long as you stick to a safe and reasonable plan, but there are secret weight loss tricks for celebrities, according to the “Eat this Not that” website, and the following are the most prominent.

vegetarian food

The most prominent of these secrets is to get rid of dairy products, eggs and all foods that come from animals.

Possibly the face of vegan pop music, Ariana Grande went on the diet in 2013 and lost weight soon after.

Drinking water

Reports show that water can boost your metabolism and get rid of toxins in your body.

For the average person, it’s recommended to drink 64 ounces of water per day, or eight 8-ounce glasses.

Vanessa Hudgens (Shutterstock)

intermittent fasting

In parallel, for some celebrities, intermittent fasting has proven to be extremely beneficial when it comes to burning a few kilos.

And American actress Vanessa Hudgens revealed that she lost seven pounds in the first week of trying intermittent fasting. And if you’re someone who prefers to focus on when you eat rather than what you eat, fasting may be the perfect weight loss trick.

Demi Lovato (Shutterstock)

Demi Lovato (Shutterstock)

Don’t focus on losing weight

In addition, experts advise not to focus on losing weight and focus on all other aspects such as feeling happy, eating healthy, developing a routine, etc. instead of just your weight.

American singer Demi Lovato posted a video on Instagram showing her waistline, with the text: “I lost weight by mistake. I don’t count calories anymore. I don’t overdo it anymore.”

Kate Hudson (Shterstock)

Kate Hudson (Shterstock)

Move all day

Also, you don’t have to go to the gym multiple times a day to lose weight quickly, just stay active as advised by Kate Hudson, who posted pictures on Instagram of her going out, hanging out with her kids, dancing, hiking and more.

Kate Upton (Shutterstock)

Kate Upton (Shutterstock)

Looking for a workout buddy

In the same vein, we all know that exercise isn’t always the most fun thing to do, so having an exercise buddy can help keep you motivated.

Kate Upton’s trainer shared an Instagram post of Kate and Sophia Bush working out in the same room, but they’re not actually doing the same exercises together, as it’s mostly about someone else working hard too.

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