Tips to avoid catching covid if there is a positive at home

Protecting yourself and taking extreme measures will be your greatest ally in this situation.

One in ten people who have covid-19 infects others at home, points out a study in the scientific journal Jama carried out in February 2021. So if there is someone positive at home, rather than being alarmed, what you should do is take care of yourself and follow biosecurity measures very carefully.

Many cases are treated from home, he explains Juan Carlos Cataño, infectologist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antioquia: “When there are mild symptoms in patients, those who do not require oxygen, who do not feel obstruction in the chest, or have purple fingers, can receive treatment from home because they do not need special care ”.

Now, for those who live with these people, there should be some measures and tips to follow to avoid a contagion of covid-19 in the family nucleus.

Isolate the person in a space

What he recommends Angel Muegues, an epidemiologist and medicine teacher from Areandina, is that that person positive for the disease stays in his room during isolation, preferably and as far as possible, that he is alone, taking into account the contagiousness of the disease. It should be avoided that it is in common areas such as the living room, kitchen or dining room. You better avoid them.

However, there are cases where the patient cannot be completely isolated, “those who suffer from a mental illness or older adults who need help to carry out their activities,” explains Cataño. In this case, there must be a person in charge, maintaining biosecurity measures such as the use of a mask, gloves and a surgical apron.

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keep spaces ventilated

It’s not just about staying in a room and closing doors and windows completely. You should make every effort to keep the windows of the fireplace open for as long as possible. In closed places is where more infections of covid-19 can occur, indicates Cristina Sierra, internist doctor: “Aerosols accumulate in closed places that dissipate quickly in conditions of good ventilation and do not represent a major problem, but when ventilation is inadequate, they play an important role in the transmission of infection because they accumulate in the air ”.

In addition, for Cataño, if you have air conditioning, it is not a good idea to use it. On the one hand, their condition could worsen, and on the other, “what these airs are looking for is to cool the place and for this to happen, doors and windows must be closed and that is contrary to what should be done.”

Attention with measurements in the bathroom

Something important, according to Muegues, is that people wash their hands frequently and take special care in the bathroom. “To flush the toilet, we normally have to touch a knob,” so it is important that everyone, including the person who has the disease, is constantly disinfecting their hands. “

Another measure that can be implemented is that recommended by Cataño, and is that in case the infected person does not have a special bath for him, he is disinfected with normal products such as a detergent or limpid, after the person bathes. “This serves to reinforce cleaning and prevent any particle that has the virus from remaining in that space, especially because it is closed and has no way to renew the air.”

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At mealtime, take precautions

For Cataño, the most important thing is to have different hours at breakfast, lunch or dinner, to pay attention to the person who is positive for covid and take the food to the room.

“Always both people, both the one who brings the food and the one who receives it, must wear the mask all the time,” he explains. Jairo Giovanni Moncayo, Urgentologist at the CES clinic. It is also advised that you have your plates, glasses and cutlery while the illness passes, but under no circumstances should drinks or food be shared between different people. On the other hand, there is no problem with using the same sponge to wash all the dishes because soap and water cut the disease.

Reinforce care from home

Moncayo indicates that biosecurity measures should be maintained and reinforced within the home: “The most advisable thing is that the sick person uses an N95 mask, which can provide greater protection, and the other members of the household wear a surgical mask at all times. put, this is going to make the possibility of contagion almost non-existent ”. Keep in mind that it is important not to be careless with hand washing, especially if you live with a positive for covid-19 because that person also touches some objects and coughs, so with correct hand washing you can avoid being exposed to the disease. Touching your face should be avoided as much as possible.

Waste is your duty too

Empresas Varias de Medellín recommends that gloves, masks and disposable or cloth tissues be handled differently from other household waste, because they could contain virus particles.

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In the case of covid-19 patients, a pedal container with a lid must be used, equipped with a black bag, which, once it reaches three-quarters of capacity, must be closed before leaving the room and placed in a second bag ”. These wastes must remain in the home for the least amount of time possible and so that the people in Emvarias in charge of collecting these wastes can differentiate them, the black bag must be marked with an insulating or masking tape.

what to do when you are relieved

According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the surfaces that are most frequently touched, such as door handles, tables, toilets, taps, among others, should be cleaned and disinfected. This can be done with soap and water, and at the end use a disinfectant


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