Tips to find good background and lighting in your video calls

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One of the consequences of the rise of video calls has been discovering some snippets of the halls of famous and not so famous people. We have become temporary “youtubers”. And many of us have wanted to boast of a library, that someone might think that either you go out with books on your back or you are not doing well. It is preferable to do it from a laptop or webcam for its stability and that there are no annoying movements, although it is possible that a higher resolution camera is available from a smartphone.

Although from a home point of view no one should make any kind of drawbacks, these types of “apps” that are succeeding due to confinement are used on many occasions at a professional level. And there you have to keep a little the shapes and the aesthetic details. No one will judge you if you are wearing shorts or pajamas because, most certainly, the camera will not catch it. Appear presentable. But they will see your face. Those close-ups and short shots -up to the middle of the torso- can be cared for thanks to an appropriate background and lighting support.

Front light, not behind
In this regard, it is most recommended to use a zenith light, which involves lighting from a single point of light located vertically above the subject, accompanied by a direct light source to the face, preferably in a natural environment. That is, compensate for the shadows on your face that will appear with the ceiling lamp with direct light that will offer a more natural image.

This way all details will be appreciated consistently during the video call. And, of course, avoid at all costs that the window is located just behind the subject because it could cause backlights. You can also try balancing with softer light at two lateral points, although this would be almost if you are going to record it professionally as a “youtuber”. But come on, it is a matter of needs and resources. Someone who has some notions of cinema will be able to get a lot out of it.

Forget about the bookstore
As for the background, one of the most important aspects, neutral and clean spaces are preferable, they recommend from Flock, another platform for video calls. Although many have taken the opportunity to take their impressive bookstore for a walk. There are digital tools such as Zoom, which has become very popular in recent months at the expense of the coronavirus pandemic, which allow you to put a different background from an image of the photography reel.

The software, in this case, outlines the subject and, although it can be improved, it offers a quite adequate result. In the case of Skype, on the other hand, you can blur the background, which is another interesting aspect because it offers a fantastic result. It is like the «bokeh» or portrait effect of mobile phones, that is, playing with depth of field. In any case, the most recommended is to avoid saturation of objects and an overly crowded environment because it can reduce the attention of the interlocutor. .


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