Tips to lose weight when we eat out on the weekend

Many doctors and nutrition experts recommend patients who want slim down and lose weight by following a diet that encourages nutrients (rather than calories) and playing sports regularly. However, something that some people find difficult is avoiding satiating their appetite with cravings.

In these ‘whims’ enter the meals that are consumed between hours (before lunch or dinner), which are not always healthy options. These are choices that directly hamper the goal of shedding those extra pounds.

So what is the best way to avoid being tempted? Is it possible to eat healthy even when it is done away from home? First of all, it is advisable avoid going out on an empty stomach. The fact of having had something before allows us not to rush our favorite dish.

A protein shake

So the next time you go out for lunch or dinner, it is advisable to satisfy hunger a little. If you ‘lose control’, you are likely to eat more than you should. If you don’t have enough time, there is the option of having a protein shake.

To avoid eating too much, there is the option of adding sauce to the plate (Unsplash)

Second, it will be better to focus on protein than high calorie foods. These products cannot be fried, so it is acceptable have something that is grilled or steamed. To avoid eating too much, there is the option of adding sauce to the plate.

To the advice to stay away from alcohol is added the one not to take french fries

As collected Times of India, sauces should be taken in moderationas they have a lot of calories. However, their intake will cause them to eat at a slower speed, since more than one will verify that they are a product that satisfies the appetite.

Alternatives to alcohol

Just as it will be interesting to choose which products are best to choose to alleviate hunger, it is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption. These drinks would ‘throw away’ all the effort to lose weight and lose weight made during the week. Alternatively, it is possible to drink water, a soda or a lemonade.

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To the recommendation to stay away from alcohol is added that of avoiding taking French fries as a garnish. The fat and carbohydrates in this tuber are a true source of calories additional. Instead, the main meal is best served with a salad.

One last tip to keep in mind when losing weight and losing weight is to bring food. Although this seems a bit strange, if you see foods with too many calories that do not fit into a healthy diet, it is best to take something prepared at home as a solution.

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