Tips to organize a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day

The February 14th and one of the most special things you can do for your partner is to give him a romantic experience. To make it and get a magical night full of love, it is necessary to think about different aspects such as decoration, drinks and music. But do not get overwhelmed, here we will tell you what you need to do A romantic dinner soon.

Get ready to enjoy a romantic night with your partner this Valentine's Day (Photo: Courtesy)

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Get ready to enjoy a romantic night with your partner this Valentine’s Day (Photo: Courtesy)



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The decor will do much of the magic to make a romantic setting and for that you need to have some basic elements like:


You can choose the jardín or a terraceThis natural environment is always ideal for a dinner with your partner, you can place a structure or cover the top with lights or some lamps.

Place a small table that allows you to set up the service and also some flowers and candles. The wooden tables are in trend with their placemats or you can also use a nice tablecloth.

You can choose the option to have a picnic, even if you don’t have a garden. You can simply delimit the area with a low table covered with a tablecloth and you can place cushions around it.


Remember that everything is more romantic by candlelightIn addition to using them for lighting, you can also place them as a decoration element. Be strategic and careful with their placement, because they blow out in the wind. If you choose aroma, make sure they are all the same and that it is not too dominant at dinner.



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We all like flowers and a good option is to put rose petals on the table or around the place. It is something very common but, without a doubt, it is a detail that screams romanticismYou can also get creative and make figures or make their initials with the petals. Likewise, a small flower arrangement always looks perfect.


Music is essential to create a romantic atmosphere. Seeks to use soft, quiet music and preferably prepare your playlist.



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There are many options for menus: romantic, aphrodisiac, passionate, but more important is to know the tastes of your partner so that it is an unforgettable experience. It is important that dinner must already be prepared so that you can always be present, enjoying that beautiful moment, you can even think of a dinner to share placed in the center. It is important to have a service table, where you can place the wines, ice and soft drinks, as well as an annex to keep the food.


The easiest entries are the covers, which are ideal because you already have them ready and you can make a small variety. You can also choose a salad and a homemade dressing.

Main course

For the main course, a pasta will save you. You can opt for a cold one or one with a creamy sauce that you can keep warm on the table or pour instantly, for example the Creamy Fetuccini with Salmon is a great combination. Another option may be a seafood ceviche accompanied by mini tostadas with avocado slices; it goes well with various wines, as well as being light.


You can opt for a conquest plate with fresas with chocolate, truffles or assorted chocolates. No one resists that temptation. You can make a chocolate volcano to share, as its explosive filling makes for a nice splitting sensation. If you are not a chocolate lover, pavlova is the ideal dessert for love.


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We recommend this video so that you can prepare yourself an exquisite menu for your special night.

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