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The mental health it is more than the absence of mental disorders or disabilities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

“It’s a welfare state in which the person fulfills their abilities and is able to cope with the normal stresses of life, to work productively and to contribute to their community. In this positive sense, mental health is the foundation of individual well-being and the effective functioning of the community”, claims the body.

Impact of covid on mental health

Concern about mental health is not something new, but it has gained special relevance as a result of the covid pandemic. The Confederation of Mental Health in Spain recalls that the forecast that mental health problems were going to be one of the greatest consequences of the health crisis has been fulfilled. New aspects of the problem have even appeared, such as pandemic fatigue.

“Profound social and economic reforms are needed that act on the sources that favor the appearance of mental health problems (housing, health, education or employment, among others), eradicate stigma and promote prevention. This is, in the first place, the responsibility of the public authorities and, secondly, of society as a whole”, points out this organization in the Report on the state of Human Rights in mental health 2021.

And it draws attention to the scarce therapeutic attention. In Spain, there are only six psychology professionals for every 100,000 inhabitants, while the average in OECD countries is 18 for every hundred thousand.

In fact, mental health appears as one of the main concerns since the start of the health crisis. This is indicated in his last report the World Economic Forum, which lists some of the main concerns in this order: the erosion of social cohesion, the economy, the crisis of livelihoods, the failure of climate action or the deterioration of mental health.

Tips to preserve and improve mental health

The promotion Mental health consists of actions that create environments and living conditions that are conducive to mental health and enable people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles, recalls the WHO. At this point, government initiatives are essential.

However, in our hand there are also some rules that we can apply to preserve and take care of our mental health, according to Medline Plus:

  • Keep a positive attitude. Find the balance between positive and negative emotions.
  • To be grateful. Practicing gratitude can help us see your life differently, these specialists say. They give an example: if we feel stressed, we may overlook moments when we feel positive emotions.
  • take care of our fitness. Physical and mental health are connected and some ways to take care of them include: exercising, getting enough sleep and eating healthy.
  • Relate with the rest. Humans are social beings, and it is important to have strong and healthy relationships with others. Having good social support can protect us against the damage of stress.
  • Develop skills to face problems. These are coping skills or methods used to deal with stressful situations.

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