Tire labels: the news is coming to Europe from May 2021

February 19, 2021

The innovations that will come into force from May 2021 will be introduced to help consumers choose the right tire, an even more careful and aware decision. There will be new codes and unpublished digital tools, able to simplify the selection process.

Very soon, therefore, car tires will be identified with more complex tools and through optical scanning reading devices, which will allow the characteristics and properties of each tire to be highlighted in a simple way. It is about innovations and additional information for end customers, giving them concrete help. So let’s see, summarized below, all the news regarding the new European tire labeling, provision already anticipated at the beginning of the summer of last year, but which, as we have said, will come into effect a May 2021. The new label will see:

  • new rolling resistance and wet braking classes for each type of tire;
  • new indication of the noise level based on the number of decibels emitted (letters A, B or C);
  • consumers will be able to scan the QR Code on the label, in order to have all the additional information on the type of tire, thanks to a European database;
  • we will see two pictograms, which will indicate if the tire boasts grip on snow according to the EU homologation standards (you will see the snowflake symbol), and if it ensures grip on ice (according to the new ISO standard).

Information that must be reported both on car tires and on all tires dedicated to heavy vehicles (C3 Class). The classifications from A to C remain the same. The tires of Class C1 and Class C2 (for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) which previously fell in the Class E in terms of rolling resistance and grip in the wet, will move to Class D, which had never been used before. Now. The tires that were previously part of the F and G Class will now enter the E Class. The new tire labeling system should be easier and more understandable.

Scanning the QR Code that we have already mentioned will make each user access the database europeo EPREL, European Product Registry for Energy Labeling, which contains the information sheets of all the models of tires marketed in the EU. Each producer must gradually update the product information sheets, in order to assign them to the relative label class.


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