Tiroler Tageszeitung, editorial, issue of May 30, 2023. By PETER NINDLER “The state government is under power”

2023-05-29 20:00:31

Innsbruck (OTS) From the MCI to the GemNova, from Matrei to the Zillertalbahn and from the Fernpass straight to the Tiwag: the black and red state government is likely to work up a sweat in June. Because she has to decide and not postpone.

The list of construction sites could not be longer for the black and red state government. After all, some things remained unfinished under black and green or were simply pushed along. For example, the new building for the Entrepreneurial School MCI in Innsbruck has been in an endless loop for years. Because the estimates can be politically limited to initially EUR 80 million, later to EUR 135 million or now to EUR 155 million, but then the additional costs quickly catch up with them. Only time is pressing so that after more than a decade of planning, the groundbreaking ceremony can take place in December.
The clock is also ticking at GemNova’s service group. It was no secret that the massively bloated company was not doing well. But the association of municipalities and the state government constantly fell into the mantra of a fair-weather policy. It will probably turn out this week whether the 1.5 million euros from the state are sufficient to judicially rehabilitate the GemNova. In any case, it requires a decision by the state parliament in July.
This is also the case for the heavily indebted market town of Matrei in Osttirol. The state will inject 6.6 million euros by 2025 to avert bankruptcy. Both at GemNova and in Matrei, however, the black-red state government is being closely observed by the opposition. The two municipal financial debacles are of course a godsend to accuse the ÖVP of mismanagement in their immediate sphere of influence.
The future of the Zillertalbahn (ZVB) contains internal coalition explosives. The ÖVP, above all ZVB supervisory board chairman and economic federation chairman Franz Hörl, is pushing hydrogen, the transport department under SPÖ transport state councilor René Zumtobel has concerns and is flirting with electrification. Politicians can no longer dodge a decision on long-overdue decarbonization for three days or longer.
Fernpass tunnel with or without tolls: Here again the ÖVP is struggling with its economic wing, which rejects a road user fee on the Fernpass route. The same intra-party scenario emerges with the half-board obligation for chalet villages and large accommodation establishments.
The state government is therefore under power in June. Energy? There is also something: The electricity price debate is likely to remain, the advance of Governor Mattle (VP) in the direction of the state energy supplier Tiwag speaks volumes. The electricity price reduction demanded by him puts himself and Tiwag under pressure of expectations.

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