To all the existing pests in Cuba is added an unknown insect that does not give people a truce

A new plague of insects that have a behavior similar to that of mosquitoes is making life impossible for the inhabitants of Holy Spirit, who complain about bites caused by a “bug” that appears in the late afternoon makes it almost impossible to stay in open places.

According to official newspaper Escambray, Yes OK the origin of this plague is unknown, which is added to that of Covid-19, scabies, the giant African snail and dengue, biologists from the Provincial Vector Center have sent samples of the annoying insect in search of answers to the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Havana

According to the report, The insect that causes the bites has been in the spotlight for months, and the people of Spiritism associate it with the most recent cloud of dust in the Sahara that affected the Cuban territory.

Instead, others assure that they are gnats, tiny flying insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals and often live near low coasts and salt marshes. Thus, it is not known how they could appear in Sancti Spíritus, located almost a hundred kilometers from things south and north.

Jesús Ortiz Barón, a biologist at the Provincial Vector Center, told Escambray that although so far it has not been determined that the bite of this insect transmits any disease, There are already reports of their annoying presence in Jatibonico, Fomento, Taguasco, part of Cabaiguán and in the north and south of the city of Sancti Spíritus.

Despite its resemblance to the so-called coastal gnat, Ortiz Barón said that this “does not have the same characteristics”, while “in the areas near the sea its presence is not reported.” As for its appearance after the passage of the desert haze, it confirmed that the plague manifested itself after that date.

In the forum of the publication, several people from Spiritism described the hell they live in after the appearance of the insect.

“In Cabaiguán that situation is irresistible, in the morning and in the afternoon they don’t let you sit still, they don’t even let you concentrate, it’s very annoying”, Elizabeth wrote, while Mariano Iglesias Leiva assured that in Báez, town of Villa Clara where he resides “there is also the happy little bug, very annoying indeed after five in the afternoon.”

For her part, Julia indicated: “This bug exists throughout Sancti Spíritus city from five in the afternoon until dark and at dawn until the sun rises. It is smaller than the midge and of two colors, some red and others black ash. When they bite, it is the same as santanica, so it delays the discomfort and the welt. (…) They exist in all neighborhoods and if the streets are bad there are many more. “

While Yoy pointed out that as a result of the appearance of the insect “began the affections in the skin of the children and some older ones, something similar to the scabies, but that does not respond to the same treatment”.

According to scientific literature, the midge, also known as the black fly, is a very small flying insect, no larger than the head of a pin.

Its bite produces a painful cut in the skin that is easy to infect with scratching. Although it could be said that it behaves similar to a mosquito during the summer season, there are certain regions in which its presence has become almost uncontrollable, to which is added the fact that it is much more resistant to the chemical repellants normally used.


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