To all those first lost times

The first invitation to a party, the first word slipped under a bench, the first love. Forced to follow distance learning courses for almost a year, Italian high school students have lost part of their life, that which takes place within the walls of the school. A unique compendium of joys and sufferings to which this writer pays homage.

It’s a year where suddenly we go to school, suddenly we don’t. But where, in general, we do not go. It is a year when a lot of young people find themselves cut off from their habits, from that half of their daily life which is a duty but also a place, and a temporal space where everything happens, or almost. Because school is not just a shell that welcomes very young people, boiling hormones, homework, quizzes and explanations. It is a melting pot of experiences and emotions that ignores the school curriculum.

Distance learning means waking up at home, having lessons at home, and not having to go home because you are already there. School is going out, choosing to put on a certain sweater because a girl in the class next door told you that she liked that color, make you soak in a downpour, get off the bus in fourth gear, smell the scent of spring, or run in the cold, telling yourself that the future is yours. It’s coming home with a stomach in your heels with a boyfriend, and making plans for the evening together, or it’s watching the others having fun while, you, you, you, you, you, you come home alone. Because it is not only the joy, the euphoria, the feeling of having succeeded in “being in the world” that are lacking; loneliness is also lacking, thinking that you will never go to a bar to have a beer with friends or any other human being for that matter.

The uniqueness of the days and years of school is that you tell yourself that this is the world, that all those who no longer go to school are decrepit. The uniqueness of this phase of life is also to believe that you will always be the prettiest kid or the hottest, the nicest or the craziest. Forever. Even if they keep telling you that your acne will eventually go away, you are sure you will be disfigured for life. The school years are great because you design projects for the aftermath, even if, deep down, you tell yourself that there will be no later, that everything is there, and that this bac that you go


Francesco Piccolo


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