to boost tourism, Qantas offers “mystery flights” where you don’t know where you will land

This is not news, the entire tourism industry is doing badly, even in Australia where the coronavirus epidemic is nevertheless under control (only 2 cases of coronavirus were detected on Tuesday, March 2).

Despite everything, tourists are scarce since many countries prevent their nationals from traveling. Figures from the Asia-Pacific Airlines Association released this week indeed show that passenger numbers for January were only 4% compared to the same month last year, when 33.5 million passengers had flown in the region.

To stimulate domestic tourism, the Australian company Qantas, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020, has launched a “mystery flight” program. The principle is simple. You pack your bags without knowing where you will land. Passengers will not discover the destination until they have boarded the Boieng 737.

These flights, which last an average of two hours, will depart from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and promise to take tourists to a destination far from the big capitals.

The last time Australia’s national carrier Qantas conducted mystery flights was in the 1990s. Travelers would show up at the airport and be allocated seats on a scheduled flight to any of the company’s destinations. aerial where they spent a day at their leisure before returning home.

It is on the same principle that travelers will visit a new place, since everything will be included in the price of the ticket (€ 500 for economy class, € 1000 for business class).

Ground experiences could include any type of activity, from a wine-making class in an Australian wine region to a gourmet lunch with musical entertainment on the shores of one of Australia’s tropical island wonders. “

But the company adds that the experience will also be on board the aircraft. “The flights will include low-level scenic overflights of major viewpoints en route.”

A few months ago, Qantas, like other airlines, had launched flights to nowhere, where you simply looped by plane before landing at your departure airport.

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