to celebrate the end of 2020 Stephen Curry goes into 2015 mode, yes that’s a lot of numbers

Being an NBA player is first of all knowing how to play a minimum of basketball, but it is also to be scrutinized by all the fans on his every move. In the current League, this now goes through social networks, including Twitter in large part.

If some adopt a sober and uncluttered communication, some decide to literally hit the purses and panic constantly the twittosphere, to our greatest happiness. Back on the various tweets that marked the month of January, the first of 2021.

NB: it is possible that certain translations are not taken literally in French word for word, but that they are adapted in order to be easier to understand without modifying the meaning.

# Once 2020 has passed, everyone is looking forward to 2021.

“2020, thank you.
2021, let’s go. “

“From all my family, to you, 2021.
Go make yourself

# The 62 points of Stephen Curry, like in the good old days.

“Steph is going crazy. “

“You were saying anything about Steph. “

“62! Stop making fun of my guy! “

“This man is DIFFERENT! Congratulations gangster! “

# The first sad anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s disappearance also took place …

“The game will never be the same… Rest in peace. “

“Still impossible to believe. “

” I miss you my brother. “

“Always with us. “

“Kobe is watching us smile from up there now. “

A very nice edition for this month of January 2021 thanks to players who are very enthusiastic about small messages in less than 280 characters. Diversity, LOL, trashtalking… All we ask! Come on, we’ll leave you and we’ll come back in February for a new cuvée that we hope will also be nice.

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