To consume less plastic, McDonald’s decides to ban water bottles from its restaurants by the end of the year, but triggers a heated debate

In an ecological concern, to consume less plastic, the American firm has decided to ban water bottles from its restaurants by the end of the year. A measure that created controversy.

Indeed, to overcome the elimination of plastic bottles, McDonald’s has decided to serve filtered water in recyclable cardboard cups, as is already the case for various sodas. A decision taken last April, and which should, according to a statement from the sign, save 10,000 tonnes of plastic per year. A measure that completes the abandonment of disposable plastics (straws, lids etc.) provided for by the anti-waste law. Problem: water now offered to consumers at a price of between 5 and 7 euros per liter, reports the newspaper The world.

The water goblet is sold at 1.70 euros for 25 cl, and goes up to 2.30 euros for the larger size, 50 cl, and supplements of a few cents are added if the consumer chooses an additional flavor. This new “Eau by Mcdo” offer must be generalized in all points of sale in France by the end of the year, and the bottles of Evian and Badoit will gradually disappear. To justify the price, McDonald’s claims that the water offered for sale is not just tap water, but filtered tap water. A McDonald’s restaurant manager told Franceinfo that it was “filtered city water plus plus plus plus”. Contacted by HuffPost, the firm justified this price by its “cost price higher than certain bottled water that can be found on the market” and “the investment” necessary for brands “to offer purified water at 99 , 99% ”.

An offer that however made consumers jump, who cried out scam on social networks.

The deputy mayor of Paris Dan Lert, also president of Eau de Paris, a public company which manages drinking water in the capital, also denounced this practice: “The calculations are not good McDonald’s: water by McDonald’s : € 7 per liter. Water by Eau de Paris: € 0.003 per liter, ”he said on Twitter. Rather than charging for tap water and to fight against the production of plastic, he offers McDonald’s to offer his customers to fill their reusable water bottle free of charge.

A practice considered immoral, but which is nonetheless legal. Indeed, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) recalls that a free glass of water is not compulsory in all establishments. In bars or cafes, for example, this obligation does not exist, and establishments are required to display the price of a glass of water on the menu, as for other drinks. On the other hand, in restaurants, “the carafe of plain water to accompany the meal is included in the price of the meal”, just like bread, crockery, spices and towels, a provision provided for by decree no. 25-268 of June 8, 1967.

Thus, nothing prevents consumers from requesting a carafe of tap water from McDonald’s, which cannot be billed, but which will not be the same as “Eau by Mcdo”, which is filtered and is not. not therefore not “ordinary water”.

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