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You know their voices, or rather, you play with them. The job of a voice actor is not only reserved for the film industry, but also for video games. The way of working is not the same, however.

A spy straight out of the Cold War? Here is the heroine of Call Of Duty, one of the most prolific video game saga on the planet. But behind Samantha Maxis hides a face and a very real voice. That of Fanny Bloc, dubbing actress. It is she who makes the French voice of the character. But there is a major difficulty in relation to cinema: she cannot see her virtual alter-ego. “What replaces the image is the waveform [sonore], and so, my eye will juggle between text and waveforms “, explains Fanny Bloc. It must engage in real visual logistics. “For me, in my head, there is a small theater of images being created.”

On the other side of the glass, she is helped by Kévin Houee, the artistic director. He is the only one to know the main lines of the story. In this very competitive market, the big companies cultivate the industrial secrecy on the contents of the plays. Information is therefore often fragmented for actors. “When the player listens to the French version, he or she must not have a notion of something that is being tampered with, our role is to detach (…) to create something natural”, explains Kévin Houee. In France, there are around 3,000 dubbing actors. This is all the more important in a medium whose depth and resources have nothing to envy to the cinema.

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