To finance his medical studies, he sells his Pokémon cards and pockets almost $ 80,000: “My investment paid off”

In the United States, a student had the brilliant idea of ​​getting hold of Pokémon cards, and then reselling them. An investment totally disapproved of by those close to him who did not see the “potential” of such playing cards. For apparently, these cards, in vogue in the playgrounds of the 2000s, have aged very well, becoming collector’s items.

Caleb King did not hesitate to embark on this project “a little crazy” to invest in cards, to finance his medical studies. In 2016, he invested $ 4,000 (around 3,200 euros) in Pokémon cards. Asked by Fox Atlanta and relayed by Closer, his parents were desperate they were putting so much money into simple cards, it was insane.

“A lot of people tried to talk me out of doing it, especially my parents, I didn’t listen to them, and it paid off,” Caleb boasts. “They were like ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be spending that much money on these cards, that’s ridiculous! But ultimately these cards will pay for his studies!

To date, he has raised around $ 80,000, he still has “$ 50,000” worth of cards to sell. He would also be in possession of the first edition of a Pikachu card with red cheeks, which, according to him, could reach 20,000 dollars (more than 16,000 euros).

Soaring prices

In 2016, a rare Pokémon card, the “Pikachu Illustrator”, was auctioned for $ 54,970 in Los Angeles. This card exists only in 39 copies in the world, which can justify the such amount, that an unidentified collector of Hong Kong proposed to acquire this coin. The rarity of this card is due to the fact that it was never released, but was simply created as a prize in a competition. Indeed, the “Pikachu Illustrator” card was offered in January 1998 to the winners of the CoroCoro Comic cartoon illustration contest.


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