To help young people, Macron wants to boost mentoring

The Head of State is traveling in Seine-Saint-Denis on Monday. He must make announcements in favor of the professional integration of young people.

Traveling in Seine-Saint-Denis on Monday on the theme of youth employment, the President of the Republic should launch the operation 1 young 1 mentor and announce his desire to develop mentoring. This form of learning allows a young person to benefit from the support of a volunteer who has time and experience (high school student, active, retired) over the long term. According to the Élysée, it is a real lever to fight against inequalities and facilitate professional integration.

The Head of State hopes to reach 100,000 young mentees in 2021 and 200,000 in 2022, against 25,000 today. For this, Emmanuel Macron should announce financial support of 30 million euros in 2021 to mentoring associations, such as Article 1, Chemins d’avenir, Télémaque, Proxité, Socrate, etc. Young people who wish to benefit from such support or volunteers who want to help can register on the 1 young 1 solution platform, opened since November by the Ministry of Labor.

It will also be an opportunity for the President of the Republic to recall his commitment to youth, while the 1 young 1 solution plan launched in the summer of 2020 mobilizes more than 7 billion euros through a set of levers (aid recruitment, training, financial assistance for young people in difficulty, etc.) in order to “Leave no one on the side of the road”. This plan which is already having its effects, according to the Élysée, stressing that, despite the crisis, 1.2 million young people under the age of 26 have found a job (CDD of more than three months or CDI) between August and December, and that more than 500,000 apprenticeship contracts were signed last year.

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