To prepare for the Syrian team, the national football team does not rule out the rotation

To prepare for the Syrian team, the national football team does not rule out the rotation

After the 2-0 victory over the Philippines team, the main competitor of the same group, the Chinese team did not slow down the pace of preparations. In the early morning of the 9th, Beijing time, the team continued to train at the Khalid bin Mohamed Stadium in Sharjah, UAE. Considering that the team had just experienced a fierce battle one day ago, the head coach Li Tie left the players who started the match between China and the Philippines in the hotel gym for physical recovery training, while the substitutes and players who failed to appear in the match participated. This training. Judging from the current situation, the Chinese team does not rule out the possibility of proper rotation of players in the game against the Maldives. After all, it is reasonable. The Chinese team should pay more attention to the final match of the top 40 and the Syrian team. This accumulates power.

The China-Philippines starting national team did not appear on the training ground?

From the competitive situation, the Chinese team won the Philippines team and took a solid step on the way to the top 12. However, because the Syrian team has locked the top spot in Group A, the Chinese team can only strive to advance as one of the second-placed teams in the group with the best results. When the competition situation of each group is not clear, the Chinese team must win the last two games as the only goal in order to grasp the initiative to qualify.

In the early morning of the 9th, Beijing time, the national football team once again appeared at the training site of Muhammad Stadium. However, the 11 internationals who started the game in the day before yesterday and the Philippines did not come with the team, but stayed in the hotel gym for physical recovery training. Wing attacker Wei Shihao was unable to participate in the training because he accidentally strained his muscles during the round-trip training before the China-Philippines competition.

What is the strength of the remaining opponents in the top 40?

The next opponent of the Chinese team will be the Maldives. This opponent is the weakest team in this group apart from Guam. No matter how the Chinese team arranges their troops, they are absolutely sure to win this opponent. In other words, the only thing that can create obstacles for the Chinese team to advance is the Syrian team.

Due to the fact that the Syrian Football Association and the Syrian team showed an unfriendly attitude on the issue of temporary changes in the game, and the Chinese team had lost to an opponent in the first half of the top 40, the Chinese team is very eager to defeat this opponent.

How will the Maldives team line up?

From winning the Philippine team on the evening of the 7th local time to meeting the Syrian team on the evening of the 15th local time, the interval was more than a week. If the Chinese team treats the game with Syria as another decisive battle, then the quality of preparation during this time is very important.

In addition, the national football team also needs to try to avoid more injuries during this period. In this way, the match with the Maldives on the evening of the 11th local time may become a “warm-up” before the national football team meets the Syrian team. Li Tie does not rule out the rotation of the lineup, so as to ensure that the main players rest and protect them.

It is reported that in the early morning training on the 9th Beijing time, the national football substitute players conducted a 7-to-7 group confrontation. This also sends a certain signal from one side, that is, a considerable number of substitute players are expected to get a chance to play in the China and Malaysia competitions.

It is worth noting that shortly before the outdoor training of the National Football Association, the front staff of the Chinese Football Association, including the leaders of the Football Association, went to another field of the Sharjah Club for an internal match. It has to be said that after the National Football Team won the Philippine team, the pressure on the Chinese Football Association and the entire National Football Team has been significantly reduced, which has also won favorable conditions for them to do the remaining preparations.

Text/Reporter Xiao Zhe


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