To save the holidays, Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health, suggests “massive national screening” before Christmas

“The Christmas and New Year celebrations are cultural monuments in France”, estimated Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health at Lille University Hospital and director of the Alzheimer Foundation, guest of franceinfo on Wednesday 18 November. Despite all the restrictions and the Covid-19 epidemic, “We will not be able to be with all the people to check how many people there are at the table. There are bound to be new contact cases”, he developed.

“The virus loves it when people come into contact, especially in the private sphere where we have all let our guard down. We put on the mask less, we pay less attention. That’s what we must prevent”, alerted Philippe Amouyel. The professor believes that we must still maintain Christmas celebrations, “it is essential psychologically, humanly and socially”, but they must be “different”.

Philippe Amouyel focused on the “asymptomatic tracing”, for “to put the French in the best conditions”, suggesting “massive national screening”. “We could do localized screening. The only problem is that if the infected regions send their asymptomatic people to a protected region, that will pose a number of problems. So there really has to be national coordination. to launch a screening “, he suggests.

“Ideally, the screening should be done before December 24”, according to the professor. “That way, we will have drastically reduced the circulation of the virus. People will spend Christmas and New Year’s holidays and we will be able to avoid what we all fear, that is to say the appearance of ‘a new wave in February or at the end of January. The same causes produce the same effects. That’s what happened this summer, so we don’t want it to start again “, concludes Philippe Amouyel.

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