To say there was fraud, Donald’s attorneys …

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, insisted with the allegations of electoral fraud launched by the US president and added a surprising conspiracy theory. According to the Republican leader’s team of lawyers, the voting machines used in United States elections they have software created in Venezuela “that can manipulate them.

Trump’s accusations focus on six key states where the difference, at first, was small. The outgoing president considers that the fraud was carried out through various maneuvers: apocryphal votes sent by mail; during the recount, where – according to his vision – they did not allow Republican representatives to enter; and through irregularities that were authorized by the electoral authorities.

In addition, the former mayor of New York assured that the voting machines that were used in the elections “They are linked to Venezuela and Cuba”And that, in his opinion, “They don’t want Trump to remain president”. In that sense, he pointed out that the founders of the software company “They were allies of Hugo Chávez” and now “They are allies of Nicolás Maduro.”

The machines have software created in Venezuela to make sure they never lose an election. We use those machines, which can be manipulated. I hope they do not turn us into Venezuela and steal the elections from the Americans, ”Giuliani said. Trump’s legal team took aim at the voting system Dominion and Smartmatic technology softwareAfter the conference, both companies issued a statement to deny ties with the Democratic Party or contacts with the South American country.

In turn, Sidney Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team, indicated that there are precedents to support this theory, noting that the system “It was exported to affect an election in Argentina”, without providing more details. “The machines make sure that corrupt leaders willing to pay more win the election,” Powell added. It should be noted that in 2019, Mauricio Macri approved a tender by the Argentine Mail for the Smartmatic company to provide the provisional scrutiny software.

In the strange conference, Powell added that all the alleged information on the fraud was provided by a “witness” who had been with former President Chávez and had taught him the tricks of “electoral manipulation”. At the same time, the lawyer indicated that part of the alleged fraud was financed “with the money of communism from Venezuela, Cuba and probably China.” Of course, that same version had been discarded days ago by Trump himself, who on Twitter said that “the only sure thing about the 2020 elections was that they were practically impenetrable for foreign countries.”

So far, Trump’s court filings against the results in those states where he lost have only been rejected.

“Incredible irresponsibility”

For his part, the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, denounced the “incredible irresponsibility” of the outgoing president.

It’s incredibly irresponsible, it’s sending incredibly harmful messages around the world about how democracy works.. I do not know his motive, but I think it is totally irresponsible, “he said during a press conference in Delaware, where he was accompanied by Kamala Harris.

The Democratic leader assured that the allegations of fraud promoted by Trump to prevent progress in the presidential transition, put thousands of lives at risk, at a time when the country is going through an alarming increase in daily cases of coronavirus.

“It is difficult to understand how this man reasons. I am sure that he knows that he did not win, that he will not be able to win and that I will swear on January 20. It is really outrageous what he is doing,” he concluded.


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