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To the Lebanese… One piece of advice to prevent “Omicron”

With the spread of the new mutation of the Corona virus “Omicron”, fears return to the ranks of the Lebanese, who know very well that their hospitals are almost unable to confront due to the accumulated crises.

In this regard, the head of the Corona Technical Committee at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Faisal Al-Qaq, told “Lebanon 24” that “the new mutant “Omicron” appears to be less lethal than the main virus and its previous variants, but it is undoubtedly more rapidly spreading, as it contains more than 30 mutated within its basic structure.

Contrary to the symptoms that accompanied the traditional Corona, “Omicron” does not lead to any defect in the senses of smell and taste, and does not result in coughing at the same pace that the traditional virus causes, and the mutated causes a kind of fatigue, fatigue and mobile aches in the joints over a period of 3 days.

Al-Qaq affirms that “studies in this field are still ongoing, so the utmost levels of protection must be followed, and the Lebanese citizens must return to social distancing, the muzzle and washing hands, and the vaccination process must be followed up at a rapid pace and without any delay.”

Al-Qaq believes that “both the (Moderna) and (Pfizer) vaccines are working to develop their components to keep pace with the new mutation, it seems that Corona has persisted for many years, which prompts us to call for the need to coexist with it by following the instructions and vaccinations.


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