To war like Gallagher

As if we needed another proof, Brendan Gallagher expressed the desire to conquer who lives in him, Monday evening, by his involvement in several scuffles, one of which left him a gash in the middle of the forehead .

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Propelled onto the ice by Mikhail Sergachev, he obviously hit his head on the playing surface. He returned to the bench with a bloody face and visibly very unhappy with the turn of events, before retiring to the locker room. There was then a little more than six minutes to go in the game. We did not see him again from the match.

Still, it looks like he’ll be able to return to his post for the second game of the final on Wednesday night.

“I talked to him [mardi] at lunch. “Gally” is “Gally”. He has marks all over his face in every game. He had a good plum, [lundi] evening, but looked better this morning, ”said Luke Richardson.

“Currently, it is not very pretty. His face looks like a road map. Nonetheless, he will continue to point into the opponent’s near the semicircle as he always does. He will do it again [mercredi soir]. He is a warrior and we are counting on him, ”continued the assistant coach.

With an example like him on the ice, it is difficult for his teammates not to accept to suffer so much for the cause.

In fact, Richardson recognizes that the veteran is an inspiration to those who wear the same uniform as him.

“We can no longer count the times when his intensity brought a dose of emotion within the team. Behind, we have Carey [Price] which is the cornerstone as it always has been. We must ensure that we provide it with the necessary support. This facet is always provided by “Gally”. He always rubs against the biggest opposing players and shows up in traffic without fear. This is the next level we have to aim for in the next game, ”said Richardson.

On Tuesday, only eight skaters jumped onto the Amalie Arena ice rink to take part in optional training. Apart from the players usually cut off, there was Joel Armia.

Arrived in Tampa during the day Monday, the Finn skipped his turn in favor of Jake Evans. Obviously, it was too early to know if he will return to training for the second game. Considering the excellent services he has offered to the team since the start of the playoffs, his presence would not be too much; particularly on the shorthand, where his work greatly contributed to the Canadiens’ successful streak.

Monday, the numerical inferiority of the Habs allowed a first goal in 33 occasions.


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