Tobogganing: Steu / Koller pack a second Igls victory

Steu / Koller prevailed on Sunday in a two-seater sprint against the Latvians Andris and Juris Sics (+0.091 seconds) and Ludwig Rieder / Patrick Rastner (0.102) from South Tyrol. The Austrians Yannick Müller / Armin Frauscher, who placed second on Saturday, had to settle for seventh place (0.228) this time.

“We are very satisfied with the weekend, the runs weren’t perfect, but the speed is great,” said Steu. “The concentration already applies to Altenberg, because we also know that we can toboggan very quickly. We hope that we will find our way into training immediately and will try to take the momentum with us as best we can. “

Egle mourns the podium

In the women’s category, 22-year-old Egle, who was 13th overall in the World Cup in both previous seasons, is still a little annoyed despite the good result: After the first run she was third, fell back a bit in the second run and thus missed the first Jump on the podium.

APA / EXPA / Johann Groder

In fifth place, Egle set her best World Cup result to date

“Unfortunately, the error rate is still a bit high. I had a couple of mistakes that shouldn’t be, so it wasn’t enough for me to go any further, ”said Egle. The race turned into a German triumphal procession: Julia Taubitz, World Cup winner of the previous season, won, her compatriots Natalie Geisenberger and Dajana Eitberger rushed to second and third place after baby breaks.

Second place in the team race

There were consistently good red-white-red results in the relay competition and in the individual sprints. Egle, Müller and the two-seaters Thomas Steu / Lorenz Koller, who were victorious on Saturday, were 0.030 seconds behind Germany in the team race and were 0.121 seconds ahead of the third-placed Russians.

In the men’s sprint, behind the German winner Felix Loch David Gleirscher (0.088 seconds) and Jonas Müller (0.091) landed on the podium. In the women’s category, Hannah Prock was the best Austrian in fifth, Egle was sixth, Schulte eleventh. As in the “standard race”, the German podium was Taubitz – Geisenberger – Eitberger.

Austria’s head coach Rene Friedl received a lot of praise for his athletes. “We are of course very satisfied with the total of six podium places for men and in doubles and the four top six results for women, the girls have sold very well,” said Friedl.

Rodelweltcup in Igls

Sprint two-seater:
1. Thomas steu / Lorenz Koller OR 30,118
2. Andris Sics / Juris Sics Years + 0,091
3. Vs. Ludwig Rieder / Patrick Rastner ITA 0,102
4. Emanuel Rieder / Simon Kainzwaldner ITA 0,137
5. Tobias Wendl / Tobias Arlt GER 0,180
6. Hannes Orlamünder / Paul Gubitz GER 0,185
7. Yannick Müller / Armin Frauscher OR 0,228
11. Juri Gatt / Riccardo Schöpf OR 0,371
Sprint men:
1. Felix Hole GER 32,623
2. David Gleirscher OR + 0,088
3. Jonas Müller OR 0,091
4. Dominik Fischnaller ITA 0,127
5. Kevin Fischnaller ITA 0,147
6. Johannes Ludwig GER 0,167
8. Reinhard Egger OR 0.184
9. Wolfgang Kindl OR 0,283
12. Nico Gleirscher OR 0,439
1. Germany Taubitz, Loch, Eggert / Benecken 2:09,742
2. Austria Egle, Müller, Steu / Koller + 0,030
3. Russia Katnikowa, Pawlitschenko, Kaschkin / Korschunow 0,273
4. Latvia 0,307
5. Slovakia 1,508
6. Ukraine 1,914
1. Julia Taubitz GER 1:20,289
2. Natalie Geisenberger GER + 0,120
3. Diana Eitberger GER 0,270
4. Ekaterina Kanikowa RUS 0,307
5. Madeleine Egle OR 0,359
6. Lisa Schulte OR 0,447
14. Hannah Prock OR 0,695
21. Barbara Allmaier OR 1,034

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