Today’s games: Reims vs PSG: Summary, goals and result of Messi’s debut

MThank you very much for joining us in this minute by minute of the match between Reims and PSG, which ended in Parisian victory and besides, the long awaited debut of Lionel Messi took place. Kylian Mbapp was the figure of the match with two goals and we will see if the French continues with PSG. My name is Miguel Brcena and until here I say goodbye, but first I leave you the chronicle of the meeting and I remind you that the best sports information is here in MARCA Claro.

Reims vs PSG, Messi’s debut live

90+6′ REI 0-2 PSG | IT’S OVER!!! PSG took the victory with a double from Kylian Mbapp and Lionel Messi finally made his debut for the Parisian side in Ligue 1.

90+3′ REI 0-2 PSG | Last minutes of the match and it seems that Lionel Messi will be left with the desire to score a goal on his debut.

90′ REI 0-2 PSG | Six minutes of compensation are added. The game becomes very stumbled, full of fouls. Even Messi receives several blows and begins to feel the rigor of Ligue 1.

87′ REI 0-2 PSG | Leandro Paredes commits a hard tackle on the Reims midfielder and wins the warning. The Argentine arrived with excessive force

84′ REI 0-2 PSG | There are only a few minutes into the game and victory seems to be sealed for PSg, but we will see if Lionel Messi is present on the scoreboard. Be careful, this will be the first match of the campaign for the Parisian team without conceding a goal.

81′ REI 0-2 PSG | We entered the final stretch of the meeting and PSG sails in calm waters. Lionel Messi still has little contact with the ball and has already received a welcome hit.

78′ REI 0-2 PSG | One more change from PSG is coming: Angel Di Mara leaves and Julian Draxler enters. Before that, Verratti and Diallo had left for Paredes and Kimpembe.

74′ REI 0-2 PSG | Few options for Lionel Messi, who has barely touched the ball since he entered. Reims is gradually getting better these minutes.

70′ REI 0-2 PSG | Messi will have little more than 20 minutes in his debut. We will see if the Argentine can score in his first performance with PSG or if he can make a difference.

66 ‘REI 0-2 PSG | The debut of Lionel Messi is coming. Mauricio Pochettino gives entry to the Argentine, who enters in the place of Neymar. We are left with the desire to see Ney and Leo together again.

64 ‘REI 0-2 PSG | GOOOOOOL FROM MBAP !!! Achrafd Hakimi’s great center from the right wing and Kylian Mbapp arrives to close the clamp and converts his double.

63 ‘REI 0-1 PSG | NAVAAAAAS !!! The Costa Rican goalkeeper has a great reaction after Marquinhos deflected the ball after a shot and PSG is saved.

60′ REI 0-1 PSG | Half an hour remains at the Auguste Delaune Stadium and the changes that Reims had made at the beginning of the second half were: Mbuku and Cassama came out for Berisha and Locko.

57 ‘REI 0-1 PSG | LIONEL MESSI BEGINS TO WARM UP !!! And the moment the Argentine gets up, both local and visiting fans give him a standing ovation. I will surely have a few minutes.

54 ‘REI 0-1 PSG | UUUUUFFFF !!! Reims’s goal is canceled because Munetsi was ahead at the time of the touch in the center on the right and PSG is still in front on the scoreboard.

49 ‘REI 1-1 PSG | GOOOAAAL – REIMS !!!! Center by the band of the right that toure finishes off and Keylor Navas deflects, but leaves the ball in the small area and Marshall Munetsi manages to push the ball to equalize the score.

45 ‘REI 0-1 PSG | VMONOOOOOOS !!! PSG resumes actions from midfield and there are a couple of moves in Reims that we will report to you in a moment.

MT REI 0-1 PSG | Balance of the first half: Few things to highlight in this period. Kylian Mbapp continues to show that he is at his best and scored the only goal that is making a difference. Let’s hope Lionel Messi comes for the complement.

45+1′ REI 0-1 PSG | The first half ends after a minute of compensation and PSG takes the momentary victory to the dressing room. We will see if Messi has minutes of change.

44′ REI 0-1 PSG | Marco Verratti becomes the first player to be booked in the match for a tough tackle on Dion Lopy. Neymar and Lopy were made of words, but it did not happen to majors.

41 ‘REI 0-1 PSG | IF SAAAALVA ELPSG !!! Moreto Cassama is encouraged to hit him from the inside from outside the area and the ball was about to get into the corner, but it only went one way.

40′ REI 0-1 PSG | We entered the final stretch of the first half and it seems that the score will not move, although Reims were a little encouraged to go to the front in these last moments.

36′ REI 0-1 PSG | The minutes continue to pass and PSG still cannot increase their advantage against a Reims that has not represented a greater danger for Keylor Navas and the Parisian defense.

33′ REI 0-1 PSG | The meeting was practically a Parisian monologue, but Reims did not give up an inch of ground in defense, so perhaps the entry of Lionel Messi would be a good idea.

30′ REI 0-1 PSG | We reached half an hour into the first half and PSG continues to pull the strings of the match. Semi-slow rhythm from the Parisians who know themselves superior.

26′ REI 0-1 PSG | Reims do not change their approach despite going down on the scoreboard. The local team is still waiting on their field for PSg to take advantage of a counterattack.

23′ REI 0-1 PSG | PSG is already slowing down the revolutions and begins to touch and touch the ball from one side to the other. With the goal, calm came to the Parisian team. Maybe we will see some minutes of Lionel Messi in the second half if the match continues like this.

20′ REI 0-1 PSG | Reims winger Dion Lopy is left lying on the grass, after suffering an involuntary collision with Neymar. The Senegals hurt their ankle, but they seem to be able to continue.

18′ REI 0-1 PSG | It was a matter of time for PSG to take the lead on the scoreboard because they were far superior to Reims at the end of the match. We will see if there is a reaction from the local team.

15 ‘REI 0-1 PSG | GOOOOOOL FROM MBAP !!! Angel Di Mara’s center on the right wing that goes to the heart of the area and the young Frenchman rises up in the air to finish with his head and put PSG forward.

12 ‘REI 0-0 PSG | EPAAAA !!! Ilan Kebbal filters a ball between the lines for El Bilal Tour, who was already shaping up to shoot, but Marquinhos appears with the saving sweep to avoid the shot.

9 ‘REI 0-0 PSG | MBAP !!!!! Great individual move by the French, who makes an exquisite directed reception to face the goal and takes a toe that goes to one side of the Reims goalkeeper. PSG’s first notice.

6′ REI-PSG | PSG wants to be present quickly on the scoreboard with high pressure to force Reims to clearance or error. We’ll see if they can keep up.

3′ REI-PSG | First minutes of study for both teams, but PSG quickly tries to impose conditions with the ball. We remind you that Lionel Messi is on the bench.

0 ‘REI-PSG | VMONOOOOOS !!! The match starts at the Auguste Delaune Stadium. Reims play in their traditional red uniform, while PSG have their blue home clothes.

REI-PSG | We are just minutes away from the start of the match in Reims and all eyes are on Lionel Messi, but we must not forget that Kylian Mbapp is also in the eye of the hurricane. The French will start, but his future has not yet been defined.

REI-PSG | Franois M’Pel will be PSG’s guest of honor in the box alongside the team president, Nasser Al-Khelafi. The former Franco-Congolese striker played 217 games for the Paris team.

Confirmed PSG lineup

REI-PSG | Lionel Messi’s debut will have to wait. This is the formation of Mauricio Pochettino (4-3-3): Navas; Hakimi, Kehrer, Marquinhos, Diallo; Wijnaldum, Gueye, Verratti; Say Mara, Mbapp, Neymar.

Confirmed alignment of Reims

REI-PSG | Scar Garca Junyent, Reims coach, sends this lineup to face PSG (3-4-2-1): Rajkovic; Abdelhamid, Faes, Gravillon; Lopy, Cassama, Munetsi; Foket; Mbuku, Kebbal; Toure.

REI-PSG | Lionel Messi is already at the Auguste Delaune Stadium in the city of Reims. How much expectation has this match generated to see the Argentine with his new shirt.

REI-PSG | Neymar and Lionel Messi meet again to share a dressing room and we will see if everything works as in the old days in Barcelona. Here are the two shirts of the Parisian stars.

REI-PSG | The Messimana is present in Paris. So were the PSG fans waiting for the team to leave their concentration hotel.

Reims vs PSG: forecast for today’s game

REI-PSG | Paris Saint-Germain are a wide betting favorite with a -450 odds, so a comfortable score is expected in favor of the visitors.

What time is the Reims game against PSG and which channel broadcasts it live?

REI-PSG | The game between Reims and PSG can be seen live through the signal of ESPN at 1:45 p.m. Mexico time, and in our minute by minute MARCA Claro.

Good afternoon and welcome to the minute by minute of Reims vs PSG, corresponding to matchday 4 of Ligue 1, where Lionel Messi He will be able to make his debut with the Parisian team. My name is Miguel Brcena and I will be taking you all the actions of this meeting. All eyes on the planet will be on the Auguste Delaune Stadium in the city of Reims in France, since the Argentine star aims to have his first game with the Paris team.
Join us for the next few hours in this minute by minute of Reims vs PSG and remember that the best sports information is here in BRAND Claro.


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