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[Tokyo 28th Reuters]–The Nikkei Stock Average is expected to develop softly in the Tokyo stock market today. Since the decline in large-cap stocks that are sensitive to interest rates was conspicuous in the US stock market the day before, it is expected that sales will be centered on high-priced stocks in the Tokyo market, which is likely to lead to a decline in the Nikkei average. While there are expectations for rebalanced buying ahead of the end of the month, it is unlikely that aggressive buying will continue amid concerns about economic downturn due to the tightening of US monetary policy.

The expected range of the Nikkei average is 26,500 yen to 26,900 yen.

All three major indexes fell in the US stock market on the 27th. The decline in large-cap stocks such as, Microsoft, and Alphabet weighed on the index.

Following this trend, it is expected that in today’s Japanese stock market, the value that had been bought back in advance will return to the market centered on the stock market. The Nikkei average is expected to remain soft, “even if it emerges in the plus zone, it may only rise by 10-20 yen,” said Yutaka Miura, senior technical analyst at Mizuho Securities.

Miura said the sharp rise in the US stock market last weekend was just a rebound in the mid- to long-term adjustment phase, pointing out that the bear market rally is continuing. Although there are expectations for rebalance buying before the end of the month today, “the triple pain of rising inflation, monetary tightening, and concerns about economic downturn in the United States will continue to weigh on the market,” and we expect a heavy upside.

According to the main schedule, Toshiba, Sony Group, and Nissan Motor will hold a general meeting of shareholders in Japan. Overseas, the June Consumer Confidence Index (Conference Board) is scheduled to be announced in the United States.

Previous business day closing price Year-to-date high price Year-to-date low

Nikkei 225 26871.27 29388.16 24681.74

+379.30 2022/01/0 2022/03/0

5 9

Chicago Nikkei Average Futures Limit 26705 (yen denominated)

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