Today’s technology – Death Stranding 2 is under negotiation between Kojima and Sony

Today’s technology news today – Death Stranding 2 is under negotiation between Kojima and Sony. Source of the news – Arabs today with news details Death Stranding 2 is under negotiation between Kojima and Sony:

Today’s news – Washington – Arab Today

Despite rumors associated with the name of Japanese director Hideo Kojima about his work with Microsoft on an Xbox exclusive game earlier, as well as other news related to his direct relationship with the controversial Blue Box Game studio and work on Silent Hill, and many rumors that none of them came true. From them so far, and recently, other news emerged that Kojima Productions is working on Death Stranding 2, which may already be in development at the moment!

The talented hero and actor who played Sam in Death Stranding Norman Reedus recently spoke during a roundtable session with reporters, and the talk was mainly about the eleventh season of the series The Walking Dead, where he said that he is doing a second round in Death Stranding, before indicating However, director Kojima and PlayStation are in negotiations over a sequel. Kojima is on the right, Normal Reedus is on the left

But it is very ambiguous that he was referring to the Director’s Cut version, which is the upcoming expansion of the game, although if he meant it, he certainly made a mistake on a point, which is that the next expansion on the PlayStation 4 and 5 is not under negotiation, because it has crossed this The stage is already about to be released, so there remains doubt about the accuracy of his statements about the possibility of working on a second part, and neither Hideo Kojima nor the actor commented on these statements and their authenticity.

It is noteworthy that the game that was able to predict the future Death Stranding was able to sell more than five million copies around the world, and it is the game, it has a deep complex story that will make you feel lost, but it will never lose you, and it is suitable to be a novel, as it depends entirely on science fiction Classical narrative, with highly elaborate cinematography, engaging music, attractive world with its exotic atmosphere and innovative gameplay, in addition to the player’s need for players to interact with each other by connecting worlds with a completely different concept.

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