[Today’s Yahoo Focus]Hsinchu mothers wait until 12 midnight to see the obstetrics department

Today’s Yahoo focus is “Hsinchu mother waited until 12 midnight to see the obstetrics department”, the 10 news that netizens are most concerned about and most discussed today are as follows:

Hsinchu mother waited until 12 midnight to see the obstetrics department

Greater Hsinchu is located in a science park, high income brings high fertility rate, but there are hidden worries. More than 10,000 newborns are born every year, but there are less than 70 obstetricians and gynecologists who actually deliver the births. Urban doctors often see doctors until midnight…<Full text

Hand in hand into the sea to send evil spirits… 4 fell into the water and 3 died

When a temple in Taoyuan City went to the Yongan fishing port coast of Xinwu District late last night to perform the Zhongyuan Purdue Sending Ceremony, 4 people drowned accidentally.Full text

“Cambodia regards Taiwan as an enemy country”

The Chinese were detained and resold by a fraudulent group in Cambodia. The official wanted to rescue them, but they were powerless. Although Cambodia was extremely pro-China and very unfriendly to Taiwan, 10 years ago, under an opportunity, Cambodia was willing to assist us from… ..<Full text

The new health insurance system “must be on the road before the end of the year”

Xue Ruiyuan, Minister of Health and Welfare, took office on July 18, and his new post will expire one month later. In an exclusive interview, he said that there are three major policy directions and challenges after taking office, including promoting part of the burden of health insurance, repairing…<Full text

North City police late-night operation related to Cambodia fraud

Last night, the Zhongshan Police Branch in Taipei City cooperated with the National Police Department to conduct joint inspections across the country, and mobilized 69 police officers to carry out expanded inspections on board game shops and hotels in the area to prevent young people from setting foot in inappropriate places in the summer…<Full text

It is said that the Green Committee shouted: Chen Mingtong should advance and retreat

After Lin Zhijian, the former mayor of Hsinchu City, withdrew from the election as mayor of Taoyuan, Chen Mingtong, the instructor of the National Taiwan University National Development Institute and director of national security, was still caught in the storm of essays. The DPP legislators pointed out that although Chen Mingtong was not discussed in the party…<Full text

Police respond to children who are trapped in Cambodia ‘government doesn’t help’

When a family member found out that the child had flown to Cambodia, he confessed that his family was rich enough to collect the ransom, and anxiously shouted, “Can’t the government help?” Facing the family’s doubts, Li Yangji, chief of the Interpol Section of the Criminal Bureau… ..<Full text

Experts: US ships will pass through the Taiwan Strait: a step slower

The White House National Security Council Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs, Camber, held a telephone briefing on the 12th, saying that the US military will cross the Taiwan Strait in the near future, and the United States will also strengthen its economic and trade relations with Taiwan. National Defense Security Research Institute…<Full text

Fact check on live organ harvesting in Cambodia

The case of Taiwanese being deceived to go to Cambodia has attracted attention. Recently, a 31-second thriller marked as “Shadow of Live Organ Harvesting in Cambodia” has been circulated on the Internet. In response to this, the investigation website has investigated, and the video is at least circulating…<Full text

Flow Standard 7 Engineers Reveal “Devil Details”

Lin Zhijian, the former DPP mayoral candidate for Taoyuan, withdrew from the election, but he spent nearly 1.2 billion to renovate the Hsinchu baseball stadium during his tenure as mayor of Hsinchu. ..<Full text

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