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The ocean crisis is a sensitive topical issue. The world needs a transformative, innovative, large-scale and well-resourced policy to give pride of place to ocean science. It is in this context that, recalls, every 08 June, the world celebrates World Oceans Day. This annual event aims not only to celebrate the wonders of the oceans, to pay tribute to their beauty and their richness, to raise public awareness of the crucial role they play in our substance, but above all to mobilize and unite populations around the threats to the oceans.

Thus, Togo through the Ministry of Maritime Economy, Fisheries and Coastal Protection observed like the international community, Tuesday June 8, 2021, World Oceans Day. The event made it possible to educate the entire population on good practices in the protection and sustainable management of the oceans. Enough for the minister in charge of the sector, Edem Kokou Tengue to warn against the risk incurred with the neglect of the ocean.

Yet the oceans have an importance on human life on earth. For our monitoring, they provide 50% of the oxygen we breathe and store 93% of the carbon on the planet. Despite this key role played by the oceans, there are several threats hanging over them.

Placed under the theme “Ocean: life and means of subsistence”, the 2021 edition of World Oceans Day is an opportunity for the government and the actors of the oceans to sensitize the populations of the coast on the impacts of pollution, proliferation of waste and on harmful and degrading behavior affecting the oceans.

Likewise, it has strengthened the synergy of action and cooperation between stakeholders. Finally, it made it possible to clean up, in collaboration with local communities, unhealthy places and places in order to reduce the risks of contamination linked to the proliferation of hydro-faecal diseases among the populations.

This, we explain in the columns of, at the end of 3 communications whose themes are “the importance of World Oceans Day”, “the ocean: life and means of subsistence” and “Contribution of local communities in the fight against marine pollution in Togo”.

During these discussions, the Minister in charge of the maritime economy, recalled that living and reviving the ocean requires a change in behavior vis-à-vis the mode of consumption and operation.

“If we don’t change the way we live and function, a lot of people will lose their livelihood. The poorest will be the most affected. Migration will become the last resort, ”Tengue said.

The Minister underlined that the day of June 8 calls on local communities, users, civil societies, technical services, NGOs, Associations, CDQ, women and young people to act in synergy and strengthen the partnership in favor of the sustainable management of the ocean and of the sea at the national level, said the news site

“Thus, we will be able to revive our oceans, fight against all forms of degradation that weigh on our ocean and work effectively to achieve the objectives set out in the government sheet 2025 and make our country a logistics hub in accordance with the axis 1 of the PND ”, concluded the Minister of Maritime Economy, Fisheries and Coastal Protection.

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