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The game business label “TOHO Games” developed by Toho is a Godzilla game for smartphones “Godzilla Battle Line / GODZILLA BATTLE LINE”, and the event mode “Total Advance Battle-Hakyoku Mirai-” is exclusively for one-player play. Was added. While protecting the leader “Jet Jaguar”, aim to clear the event mission by overcoming the enemies that appear one after another.

Also, from the movie “Mothra” (1996), a new battle piece “Desgidra” has been implemented. With an attack power that exceeds that of “King Ghidorah”, the worst flying unit that causes great damage to enemies is born. The space monster “Desgidra” can be obtained from the reward points obtained in the “Total Advance Battle” and the designated search map.

In addition, the anime poster pack “Godzilla Ultima” that allows you to customize the battle screen and the stamp masterpiece pack that can be used during the battle are also on sale.

■ “Total Advance Battle” Special PV

■ “Total Advance Battle-Hakyoku Mirai-” will be held!
“Total Advance Battle” is an event dedicated to one-player play, with the unit determined for each event as the leader and fighting by making full use of all battle pieces. Battle pieces that you do not have will be rented automatically. I want to mobilize all the battle pieces to overcome the enemies that appear one after another and clear the Wave!

This time, waves and rewards will be added in the second half of the event period. As a reward, a new unit “★ 4 Desgidra” will appear. Get a super rare unit limited to the exchange and pickup map.

■ Holding period
After maintenance on October 15th-November 4th 13:59 (JST)
Late update: October 25th maintenance
This time it will be a two-stage event. You can play up to 30 waves in the first half. Difficulty that you can proceed even if you are just starting the game. In the second half, waves will be added, you can play up to 60 waves, missions and point rewards will be added. The final stage is extremely difficult.

■ Leader
This time, “Jet Jaguar” is the leader. I want to defeat the enemy leader of wave while protecting the leader. If you don’t have a Jet Jaguar, a Level 1 Jet Jaguar will be the leader.

■ How to play
-Select “Event” from the footer menu and challenge the wave from the “Total Advance” button!
Event tickets are consumed for the challenge. Tickets are replenished daily at 17:00.
・ Let’s clear the waves in order.
At the event, all hands can be used regardless of the normal battle team formation. The wave is a three-game battle, and during the battle, the battle piece that was once withdrawn cannot be put back on the field. If you reach the checkpoint in 3 consecutive battles, the progress data will be saved and you will return to the top of the event.
・ Clear event missions and get event points!
You can get event points for reward exchange in the event missions held at the same time.
・ Let’s exchange for rewards at the shop exchange.
In addition to G tokens and legendary exploration maps, you can exchange them for ★ 4 “Jet Jaguar” and event-limited custom home screen items.

■ Reward introduction
Event points can be used at event exchanges. More rewards will be added later in the event. Introducing the lineup of event exchanges.
Exchange period: Until 16:59 (JST) on November 10th
・ ★ 4 “Jet Jaguar”
・ ★ 4 “Desgidra”
・ Title “Shiva Consortium Employee”
・ Player icon
・ Poster “Godzilla SP” custom object
・ Custom background “Tokyo evening”
・ Legendary exploration map
* Event points will be carried over to the next and subsequent events.
* The custom background “Tokyo Evening” can be exchanged at the next and subsequent events.
* Other rewards may be reprinted.
★ 4 “Desgidra” will be a battle piece limited to the “Total Advance Battle” and the pickup search map.

■ Event Challenge Pack is now on sale!
“Hakyoku Mirai” will be on sale for a limited time at the shop’s limited sale. “Jet Jaguar” leader ★ 4 “Jet Jaguar” and new unit ★ 4 “Desgidra” picked up a search map, and a gorgeous pack where you can get G Stone 3800 and G Token 5000! Get it and conquer the event.
* Please note that the period and contents are subject to change.

■ Event mission
The missions that are open in the first half of the event can be confirmed in the special missions. Complete all missions to get a total of 4000 event points.

■ ★ 4 New unit “Desgidora” implemented!
From the movie “Mothra” (1996), the space monster “Desgidra” participates in the war! Desgidra, which has an attack power that exceeds King Ghidorah, is just the worst flying unit! And hunt down the opponent with a flame attack that penetrates in a straight line.

■ ★ 4 Introduction of “Desgidora”
It has more attack power than King Ghidorah, and the fire that spits out damages enemies in a straight line. At the time of placement, the surrounding enemy battle pieces are set to “Stun” to cancel the rush state, and then to the “Burning” state where they continue to receive damage for a certain period of time. When attacking a unit that emerges from a facility, it also damages the facility behind it, and when attacking the leader, it also damages the facility placed behind it.

* Desgidra is not an evolutionary unit.
* Desgidra cannot be set as a leader.

■How to get started
Desgidra can be redeemed for event points at the event exchange. In addition, you can get it by lottery from the shop’s best search “Search map of logging site” and “Arata Iketsu search map” of the event challenge pack.

* Cannot be obtained from the search map that can be obtained after the rank battle.
* Desgidra will be added as an exchange reward at the next and subsequent events.
* Packs and pickup search maps are available for a limited time. May be resold.

■ Additional appearance in “Total Advance Battle”!
The new battle piece will also appear in the ongoing “Total Advance Battle”. Even if you don’t have Desgidra, you can use it as a rental unit in the ongoing event “Total Advance Battle”.
* Rental unit parameters are Lv.1.
* Please note that the period and contents are subject to change.

■ Stamp masterpiece pack
A great set of 3 movie scene stamps and 10000 G tokens. Let’s use stamps more.
Sale period: Until 13:59 (JST) on November 4th
※1 person 1 limited

[Enclosed contents]
・ 3 types of stamps (Mechagodzilla, Jet Jaguar, Radon)
・ G token 10000
* Stamps are given directly. You can check your stamps in the stamp list on the menu.
* Packs may be resold.

■ Anime poster pack “Godzilla Ultima”
A set of a poster of “Godzilla Ultima” from the anime[Godzilla SP]and 10000 G tokens. Customize the battle screen to your liking.
Sale period: Until 13:59 (JST) on October 25th
※1 person 1 limited

[Enclosed contents]
・ Poster “Godzilla Ultima”
・ G token 10000
* Poster will be given directly.
* The poster is a custom object that can be used for the custom home screen function. Please refer to the help of the menu for the setting method.
* Packs may be resold.

■ Event Challenge Pack “Hakyoku Mirai”
A gorgeous pack where you can get G Stone 3800 and G Token 5000, as well as a search map picked up by the “Total Advance Battle” leader “★ 4 Jet Jaguar” and the new unit “★ 4 Desgidra”. Get it and conquer the event. Get it and conquer the event.
Sale period: Until 13:59 (JST) on November 4th
※1 person 3 limited

[Enclosed contents]
・ A new battle map (6 types of battle pieces are available)
・ G Stone 3800 (paid 2820 free 980)
・ G token 5000
* In the new search map, “Jet Jaguar” or “Desgidra” will be discharged when ★ 4 appears. For details, please refer to the i button (provision ratio) in the search map corner in the shop.
* Packs may be resold.

■ Godzilla SP collaboration pack (reprint sale)
Commemorating the collaboration with the anime “Godzilla SP”!
[Godzilla SP Collaboration]A pack containing a search map of singular points and a player icon of the collaboration design picked up by “Godzilla Terestris”! Get it and enjoy the collaboration.
* “Godzilla SP Collaboration Pack” will be reprinted and sold. If you haven’t purchased it last time, don’t miss this opportunity!
* If you have already purchased it, you cannot repurchase it. Please note that the shop banner will not be displayed either.
Sale period: Until 13:59 (JST) on October 25th
※1 person 1 limited

[Enclosed contents]
・ Singularity search map (6 types of battle pieces are available)
・ Collaboration design player icon
・ G token 5000
* Player icons are given directly. It can be set by changing the player icon on the profile screen.
*[Godzilla SP collaboration]The singular point search map has a higher lottery probability of “Godzilla Terestris” when ★ 4 appears than other maps. For details, please refer to the i button (provision ratio) in the search map corner in the shop.
* Packs may be resold.
* The “Godzilla SP Collaboration Pack 2nd” picked up by “Jet Jaguar” will be reprinted and sold after the maintenance on 10/25 (JST).


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