TOKİ 2020 lottery draw will take place in February? TOKİ draw result date!

1 million 211 thousand 514 people who made their applications within the scope of TOKİ 100 thousand social housing projects focused on the question of when TOKİ applications will be announced. TOKİ, which started its activities in the region following the elim earthquake incident in Elazığ, will start its operations for the results of the lot after the completion of the studies. So, when is TOKİ 2020 100 thousand housing draw? Has the date been determined for TOKİ results? Here is the detailed information on that topic.


TOKI started researches with the introduction of February for the draw of 100 thousand social issues. In the statement made by the official authorities in January, it was informed that in February 2020, the TOKİ draw will be held. In addition to this, 1 million 211 thousand 514 people who applied for TOKİ lottery started to direct their research for the results of the lot.

The TOKI draw lot organization, which is expected to be included in the Presidency this year, will take place with a large organization with the healing of wounds in Elazig.

The announcement that the TOKİ social housing lottery draw will take place in February raised the expectations of the applicants. Citizens applying for affordable housing are focused on the date on which the right to determine the rightful owner will take place.

So, when will 100.000 social housing lottery draw be made? Here are those details


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