Tokyo Olympics: finally ushered in the opening of the epidemic under the epidemic, the admission of the Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan teams has its own attractions-BBC News

Image source,Reuters

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People watching the fireworks at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics

A performer stood up in the middle of the venue alone, and a shadow in the shape of a seedling slowly extended behind him. He walked to a treadmill. The opening ceremony opened with this message: The athletes did not give up and relax for a moment under the restrictions of the global epidemic. After a long period of preparation, it finally ushered in the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

At 8pm Tokyo time on Friday (July 23), the light from the Tokyo New National Arena added another color to the prosperous Japan. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which has been a long time late for art, celebration and national glory, finally meets with the world.

After a series of performances themed on Japanese history, traditional art, industrial processes and popular culture, a silent ceremony was held for those who died during the global epidemic.

For the global Chinese audience, the admission of the teams from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan also has its own attractions.

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