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The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world. Many countries maintain restrictions and the sport is one of the great affected, since there are events and tournaments canceled or fans have not been able to return. But what about the Olympics?

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The highest event in world sport seems to be in danger. The Olympic Games, who suffered the postponement for a year, they face different doubts and the same Japanese people against its realization, which would be a knockout blow.

The option to cancel Tokyo Olympics it is real. This Thursday, the prestigious newspaper The TImes He assured that the same Japanese government would have already decided not to carry them out and secure his candidacy for 2032.

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“The Japanese government has privately concluded that the Tokyo Olympics will have to be canceled due to the coronavirus, and the focus is now on securing the Games for the city in the next available year, 2032,” the publication says.

The news quotes a senior member of the ruling coalition, who says, “Nobody wants to be the first to say it, but the consensus is that it’s too difficult. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

He daily assures that the decision is final, but now they are studying how to announce to the world that there will be no Olympics.

The IOC is waiting

While Japan believes that there is no time to hold the Games, the WATCH try to save them. In the last hours the intention of “some Games without an audience” was known. “The question is: is this something ‘essential’ or ‘beautiful’? It is nice to have spectators. But it is not essential,” said the former vice president of the International Olympic Committee, Dick Pound. Although Pound is no longer on the IOC decision-making board, his statements have been having an impact in recent months.

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According to the AP agency, 80% of Japanese believe that the event will not be held or should not be held due to the increase in infections, based on recent polls in the country. Pound, Veteran Canadian Olympic Official and Inaugural Chair of the Agency World Anti-Doping, reiterated what the IOC and local organizers repeated for months: that the games will be canceled if they cannot be held this year. There will be no other postponement. “It’s 2021 or nothing,” he said.

But now everything sounds like “nothing”. Thus, the IOC is once again imprisoned by his words. Last year, in a March marked by the coronavirus in the northern hemisphere, he arranged that he would take a month to study whether to postpone the Games. A message that could be part of a new unit of time: the four weeks lasted just 48 hours. After pressure from athletes, federations and health organizations, the last push was given by the Japanese government. History repeats itself. And in Switzerland they remain silent despite political, economic and health pressure.


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