Toluca vs Santos (4-3). GOLESMediotiempo

When Santos was about to bless hell with goalsthe Red Devils Toluca they brought out their best version and They managed a somersault from hell to win 4-3 in a great game in Liguilla in the Nemesio Diez Stadiumwhich brought together the best of everything that a soccer duel can have: controversies, soccer, scoring goalkeeper and mainly many goals to crown the first leg of the quarterfinals.

Toluca started by winning the game with two early goals in the first 8 minutes of the game to have the Laguneros against the wall. All thanks to a header from Carlos González and a shot by Camilo Sanvezzowho capped off a great play by the Devils.

Santos and his three unanswered goals

However from then on the awakening of the warriors would comeaccompanied by some controversy. First because hemanaged to find the goal after a penalty which was marked by referee Diego Montaño after granting a foul by Tiago Volpi on Hugo Rodriguez. This was a controversial decision because the blow existed and was marked. However, a similar play in the Cruz Azul game went unmarked.

That did not matter to Fernando Gorriarán who hit the penalty and made it 2-1 that paved the way for the lagoon comeback. This was forged first with the 2-2 draw thanks to a header from Harold Preciado.

The holy goal that put the Devils on the ropes It came after the albiverde team took advantage of the deconcentration of the Devils who asked for fouls and penalties that were not granted. There Omar Campos appeared to overflow and put a goal pass to Eduardo ‘Mudo’ Aguirre.

The fans made a difference

When football arguments were scarce on the field of Nemesio for Toluca, player 12 appeared. A the hobby he didn’t care about the disadvantage and even less about his team’s mistakes, they began to shout and cheer in a way that made the stadium rumble and several surrounding streets.

So Saints let their guard down and with a couple of precise touches, The Devils put a pellet on Sanvezzo againwho defined with power through the center to make it 3-3 that united the throats of the scarlet fans.

And that in the count of emotions will remain Preciado’s failures in a counterattack to a pass from Suárez and a terrible mistake by Sanvezzo against Acevedo, after flying the ball. All in the same play that kept everyone on edge minutes before the 3-3.

the infernal somersault

Al final Santos no lost the party, but yes to Juan Brunetta who was expelled for a double warning five minutes from the end. The midfielder was slow to leave, which caused Volpi to go push him and almost an outbreak of a fight was put together that was quickly extinguished by the referees.

And when everything pointed to a draw, a hand came from Carlos Orrantia what was marked as a penalty after a cross from Jean Meneses. Volpi ran the whole field and asked for the ball to collect the penalty. the brazilian deceived Acevedo and hit the 4-3 crazy.

What a way to burn the Hell of Toluca at the start of a fast-paced Liguilla.

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