Tom Brady didn’t win ‘The Match’, but he set Charles Barkley on fire

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Nobody will confuse “The Match” on Sunday with one of Tom Brady’s most impressive achievements.

His rough performance on the front 9 had many people questioning his claimed 8 handicap, and his best moment on the course was immediately followed by the splitting of his pants on national television. Brady and Phil Mickelson lost the event by one hole.

At least everything was for charity. Brady helped The Match raise $ 20 million for coronavirus relief and an additional $ 100,000 for Brooks Koepka’s challenge.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback also made one of the more brutal burns you’ll ever see with Charles Barkley, who often mocked him on the course.

This is undoubtedly not the first time Barkley has been hit with the “No Rings” line, but it has a real weight when it comes from a player with as many championships as Brady. Barkley wasn’t particularly good on the course either, and with Justin Thomas, who trained him, couldn’t do a bogey for charity.

Brady also spoke on the course against Barkley after getting off the fairway’s seventh hole.

“Take a sip of it, Chuck,” said Brady. “Shut up, Chuck. Take a load of this medicine. Get your butt out of here. That is what I needed. “

All in all a lot of fun, we think. You never know people who are so competitive.

Tom Brady didn't win, but he fired his shots. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images for The Match)
Tom Brady didn’t win, but he fired his shots. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images for The Match)

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