Tom Coronel: “Jos Verstappen wants Max next to Hamilton at Mercedes”

Max Verstappen again seems to be unable to compete for the world championship this season and that is again a big blow in the face. According to Tom Coronel, the Verstappen family, and especially father Jos, is now done with it. They would like to see Max join Mercedes next Lewis Hamilton, racing driver Tom Coronel reveals.

Verstappen has been associated with a switch to Mercedes several times in the recent past, but to date he is still with Red Bull, the team where he started his career in 2015. The Limburger was allowed to join Scuderia Red Bull and then soon got the chance to join the main force. He has since become one of the best drivers on the grid, but he cannot compete for the title. This season, Red Bull has also failed to develop a champion-worthy car. Mercedes thus seems to be heading for a double world title again. Jos Verstappen is therefore looking for a transfer, says Coronel.

Although Verstappen seems to be having a great time with Red Bull Racing, he doesn’t want to wait forever for a car he can fight for the championship with. Red Bull and Honda had promised him that it would all fall into place this season, but so far little has come of it. If it is up to Max’s family, he will soon switch to Mercedes. “The wish of the Verstappen family is that he will sit next to Lewis Hamilton. It’s very simple,” Coronel says in the Formula 1 Coffee from Ziggo Sport. “Then you will get the very best championship you have ever seen.”

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According to Coronel, a transfer from Max to Mercedes is not an out of the blue rumor, but he has heard this personally from father Jos. “Jos also wants him (next to Hamilton), I can show you all the apps”, the racing driver said. However, it seems that Verstappen still has to be patient, because Mercedes recently extended the contract Valtteri Bottas until 2021.


1 thought on “Tom Coronel: “Jos Verstappen wants Max next to Hamilton at Mercedes””

  1. Even when Max was chomping at the bit a little too aggressively thus causing mistakes I knew he was going to become a force.
    Hamilton won’t ever be anxious to have a partner like Max not just because he’s so quick but because he’ll bring with him “star power” which could lean Mercedes toward making him if not #1 then a TRUE equal (not a fake equal or a “wingman” ) which is the role Bottas serves.
    If Lewis sometimes had trouble with Rosberg what chance does he have against Max?
    IMO the “minor” business arrangement between Toto and Stroll indirectly resulted (behind closed doors) in a pink copy of the Merc W10 and with it came huge gains. I mention this because it shows exactly how advantaged a Mercedes driver is. Max would rule the F1 world in that car but I fear he’ll be waiting for Lewis’ retirement.


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