Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: their discreet son Connor gets a new look

Disheveled hair and shaggy beard, Connor Cruise assumes his status as “son of” far from the limelight and red carpets. The passion of the actor’s son Mission Impossible and Nicole Kidman? Big game fishing. Over a tuxedo and bow tie, the 26-year-old prefers overalls and sports glasses to navigate the abundant waters of Florida.

“He is satisfied with his calmer life”

Just recently, however, Isabella’s brother decided to take charge and posted his new look on Instagram. “New face. Who is this?”, he wrote, posting a rare selfie, with a freshly shaved beard and short hair. On a personal level, one who grew up under the precepts of the Church of Scientology is still a member today. “Connor lives in Clearwater, one of the main hubs of the Church. He still DJs, but he’s really become a big fan of fishing. He’s happy with his quieter life.”, had slipped a source in People in February.

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