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“Mission Impossible 7” exposed a brand new stills

Recently, “Mission Impossible 7” starring Tom Cruise revealed a brand new stills. The stills are black and white, and Tom is very calm when he is in the C position with sunglasses. And the heroine Hayley Atwell, who followed closely, looked terrified.

Along with the stills, the film director Christopher McCauley stated on his social network that the film has been filmed in the UK. At CinemaCon held a few days ago, Paramount showed the stunt footage of the film. Tom Cruise flew out from the edge of a huge cliff on a motorcycle and completed a parachute jump. In order to complete this stunt performance, Tom made preparations for a year, rehearsing 500 skydiving and 13,000 motorcycle jumps. For dangerous stunt shooting, Atang brother seems to have become commonplace: “This is my most dangerous attempt so far. We have been preparing for this for many years.”

“Mission Impossible” is a series of action movies starring Tom Cruise. The film is based on the TV series of the same name. The story revolves around the US “Impossible Mission Intelligence Agency (IMF)”. The agents of the Intelligence Agency are all very skilled, and they are also good at using disguise, allowing the target to confess information without knowing it. Director Christopher McCauley has previously directed “Mission Impossible 6”. Counting the two sequels of “Mission Impossible 7” and “Mission Impossible 8”, he has directed a trilogy. According to the plan, “Mission Impossible 7” will be released on May 27, 2022, and will land on Paramount’s online platform 45 days later.


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