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Tom Nahathai is at risk of breast cancer, undergoes revision surgery, and gets a bigger size

is another girl in the entertainment industry with a clear character for “Tom Nahathai Many people may not believe that this year, the person is 52 years old and recently updated his life in the Z Story Z Holiday program on Amarin TV HD, Channel 34 with the hosts “Ms. Kong Sorawit” and “Lita Inchali. eyes” to the loss of a large flood, worth more than 2 million baht, and most importantly, would like to directly reveal that the breast size has been increased to be larger than before

besides the beauty There is also a trailer position. is the victim ?

Tom Nahathai : Suffered from flooding. Originally, we were in Rattanathibet. But during the covid And then over there is the red area. So we moved to the original house. which we are from Ayutthaya hoping to escape the tiger Push to punch a crocodile, heavier, and a real crocodile. The flood level is not normal, about 3 meters, can’t keep anything in time. and come at night I never thought that I would have to donate so many things. Well, we couldn’t keep anything in time. The water came at 5 PM and I’m a fast sleeper. The important thing is that there is not just one house, there are 4 houses, 3 half flooded, and the one that survives is the highest 6 meters.

Is the water dry now?

Tom Nahathai : It’s dry now. But the condition is like World War 2, it is the remaining mud. like an abandoned house But the most disappointing thing is that the boat house is an ancient teak boat. It’s a very big ship. It has an engine that runs everything. So I took the engine out. and then to the 2nd floor to make a house for friends who want to relax Well, we have foreign friends. then the day of the incident The water level is almost 3 meters, and there are three main pillars that lock this ship. Then the caretaker said that if the boat fell off the pole You have to call me As soon as we got off the pole, we hurriedly called. We spoke, and the boat flickered and cut off the wires that had to be pumped out of his own water. That moment was sad.

total damage How are you

Tom Nahathai : Together, two million. Just the boat is more than a million. Another house, another garden, about four and five hundred thousand. disappeared in the blink of an eye

You can see that it doesn’t seem stressful at all. There are various clips to become a star Tiktok?

Tom Nahathai : I’m not a stressful person. I don’t understand why my own life is such a chilling person with everything. I don’t know why you’re stressed. Too stressed, the water will not reduce. So what do we do? Okay, jump into the water and dive. Collect as many trees as you can. In the boat, the crew is quick. It took a clip to keep. and then it was posted. so it became a trend

Recently, it has been announced that I will be going to increase my breast size. ?

Tom Nahathai : Today’s address is not like milk. It’s like a hard shell. address with us It’s been a big problem for almost 20 years when someone accidentally bumps into you. That person will be knocked out about a meter. The injured person is not me, but you, and then the problem is that we are tired. When we go to massage, he has to let us lie on our stomach, can’t prone. When we turn upside down, it hurts. It’s been like this for over 20 years, but we don’t have time to fix it. All in all, upsizing is actually a fix. This is the size that the doctor chooses for 375, the original one is 250. The doctor said that they do it now. No one made him small. You have to show that you have done it. And about the surgery It hurts so much Then we are the case. He will have to break the membrane out. It took about 5 hours in total. When I opened it, the doctor was shocked. Said that I’ve never met anyone as strong as you My sister is the strongest. No one can lose the championship. until it turned into limestone because kept for too long It took about 10 hours for the old one to be removed. may be prone to cancer

in the industry for more than 31 years, known as the mother villain?

Tom Nahathai : Fah didn’t send us to be the heroine. We were born, we might have big eyes and look fierce. We were the first heroines when entering a new industry. Played in hundreds of dramas, being the heroine of only 1 story, and never came again. and then become a very neat heroine and then die And when we play the heroine, it’s so awkward, why don’t you let me talk? Why don’t you let me fight people, cry, cry all day until my eyes are swollen. I’m very confused. When I cut it, I put a pillow over my mouth and screamed out. I pressed it hard, so I knew that this wasn’t our way. When playing the villain, I feel fun. The story that made the most famous is probably Whirlpool. Playing with Khun Mai Masha, it’s very fun. And it’s a new story for that era. Comparatively, it’s the popular Korean dramas these days.


The story of Wang Nam Won, how did you create a name for Tom? ?

Tom Nahathai : There will be a lot of shows. One day, running three to four places, when he sees us, he will call us. And when 30 years ago, they called the most expensive price at 5 hundred thousand baht. This is for TV ads. And then we played an advertisement for a brand of shampoo, we called it 1 million baht, who dared to call it this much because we didn’t think we would get it. because at that time my hair was long but is a person whose hair is not beautiful, split ends, and the day we went to cast We went to meet each person, like P’ Tai, Penpak, and everyone had beautiful hair. There is only us dry and split ends. So I can’t. So I called the money to be sarcastic. In conclusion, he called us. We were shocked. It appeared that he chose us. Then he sent us to do visual techniques in Japan. I thought that this was the current of the whirlpool drama because it was really strong at the time.

Which story is played that feels the worst?

Tom Nahathai : It’s really all bad. But if it’s really the story of Cursing Flower Necklace because I feel that this character is a very bad character. Can’t find any good points A person who is thoughtless and irrational. Then we have to play as a northern man who is very good at cursing, cursing his daughter-in-law very much. I’m tired of shooting. And then I felt that what kind of person would it be this bad? The end of this one is when it dies right away. Karma immediately caused him to be born into a wealth of money. I felt that we were the most tired. and the worst And I’m afraid that we will play a drama about ghosts as well. After taking this film, believe it or not, as soon as I got into the car, I vomited, and almost died. we play stress And then there’s the moment when the virus invades the brain. We don’t know who we are The subject matter is normal. We will be someone who has great necessity, remembers the chapter accurately, seeing the chapter means remembering it, but suddenly we can’t remember the chapter. And then it’s the scene where we have to turn off the camera, turn it off, it’s a stressful scene. being rehearsed in a hotel and we can’t say I can’t say how many techs. About a dozen or so techs still couldn’t speak. We were confused, starting to feel guilty about ourselves. When we got into the car, we became paralyzed in half. numb like a tooth extracted at that time it was on the left is not working at all Can’t move a half So I was sent to Ladprao Hospital at that time. The doctor said that if you come 15 minutes later, the virus will spread to your brain. And if eating the brain is over, it can’t be helped because it’s all at the nerve endings at that time. make us paralyzed in half Caused by stress and less rest

How long did you rest then? ?

Tom Nahathai : Physically restore everything back to normal. It took 3 months, the doctor said longer. but we fight Try to recover as soon as possible. I want to go out When I was a teenager, I used to travel a lot. Then I worked hard, but actually I was in the hospital for about 2 weeks and then got out and came back home to heal myself.

At home, would you like us to stop working in the industry at all? ?

Tom Nahathai : I want to quit but we don’t quit because we love acting No matter how we die, we won’t quit. I used to think that I wouldn’t take the role of the villain. But that’s just an idea In fact, never could. Anyone who sees a script like this must mention the name of Tom Nahathai. We have to accept something like this.

What dramas will you be watching soon? ?

Tom Nahathai : The drama of Ran Dok Opera, and there will be many dramas on many channels.

besides the drama There are other businesses

Tom Nahathai : There is a serum. Serum made by the heart You can follow us at FB page : Nahathai AUMA SUPER SERUM

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