Tomb Raider Reloaded, FIFA 21, Fortnite … JV videos for the week of November 23

We come back to the videos that made the news of the week, with the program of FIFA 21, Fortnite or the Tomb Raider.

FIFA 21 offers a first trailer for the next-gen

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A first trailer for the next-gen

Released a few weeks ago on PS4, Xbox One or even PC, Fifa 21 is now joining the roster of games available on next-gen consoles: we are obviously talking about the Xbox Series X / S and the PS5. To accompany this launch scheduled for December 4, EASports unveils a new trailer dedicated to this next-gen version. We also remind you that, if you already have a current-gen version of FIFA 21, you can upgrade your PS4 and Xbox One version to the PS5 and Xbox Series version for free, which will allow you to keep the progress of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode. .

Fortnite launches its subscription system

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Fortnite launches new compensation system for players

Big change for the Fortnite community: Epic Games was able to announce the launch of the Fortnite Crew, a subscription offered to players from December 2. For € 11.99 per month, players will have access to the current Battle Pass each month, as well as 1,000 VBucks to spend as desired. This subscription also provides access to the Monthly Crew Pack, a pack of skins and cosmetic items to use in the game.. Epic was also able to clarify that this subscription will allow you to obtain items that will never be sold or distributed to non-subscribed players.

Square Enix presents its new mobile game: Tomb Raider Reloaded

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A new Tomb Raider game, but not as usual

No one expected to see a new Tomb Raider game announced this week, let alone a licensed mobile game starring Lara Croft. Still, that’s what everyone got this week, with Tomb Raider Reloaded, announced by Square Enix. An announcement accompanied by a trailer. Scheduled to be free-to-play, the game for smartphones should arrive during the year 2021, and will offer graphics a little more cartoony than usual.

NEO : The World Ends With You annoncé

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The sequel to the DS classic announced

The World Ends With You is one of the cult games of the Nintendo DS. We have already been entitled to a port of the game for Nintendo Switch, but obviously, the license is only in its infancy! An animated series is slated for Netflix, and this week a sequel to Square Enix’s popular game was announced. Entitled NEO The World Ends With You, this new opus has already had a new trailer, as well as a release window: the game should be available next summer on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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