“Tomorrow I’m going to be news”: Jenni Rivera’s last show was full of emotion, sorry and had an emotional farewell

Jenni Rivera enjoyed her last show “like never before”, according to the words of those who were present (Photo: File)

Eight years after the fatal accident that ended the life of Dolores Jenni Rivera Saavedra, her audience continues to remember her and venerate the legacy she left by becoming a standard for women in the contemporary Mexican region. And the fact is that there are not few anecdotes that those close to The big lady they have to remember on this mourning anniversary, specifically of what was their last performance. It was the night of December 8, 2012 when Jenni gave a tremendous concert at the Arena Monterrey before more than 17 thousand people, who did not imagine that the show it would be the last in the life of the Band diva.

“Jenni comes out excited as always on stage, but she did feel a different vibe, she came with the Esteban Loaiza scandal, with that of Chiquis Rivera, makes many gestures regarding Esteban and the moment he sings I neither came nor left, she begins to make gestures of a baseball player, and all the people euphoric “, recalled the journalist Uriel Reyna to the program In their battles.

“She says’ how good the media is recording (the concert) because tomorrow I’m going to be news.”he added. “At that concert Jenni passed it like never before, she sang and cried, turned a lot to heaven, grateful to God”, said the host Javier Estrella to the broadcast about the recital that Jenni offered on a stage in the shape of a cross, a fact that not a few took as “a premonition” of what would come next.

Those present at her last show assure that that night the singer looked especially moved and grateful (Photo: Instagram @jennirivera)

Those present at her last show assure that that night the singer looked especially moved and grateful (Photo: Instagram @jennirivera)

For her part, the journalist Blanca Martínez The chicuela, she remembered how the 12 years of friendship that united her to The neighborhood butterfly: “We became real friends, very trustworthy. Was a victim of bullying a long time, what She was also raised among pure men, she was a very good woman for strikes, with a fairly strong character, her children were the most important thing, she did not want any of them to go through the deficiencies that she went through. She was raped, physically abused, treated very badly by some businessmen ””, he recalled.

She did not have much credibility at the beginning as a singer, as an artist, however that made her bring out the caste more. She always supported the abused woman because she lived it

And is that by the time of Jenni’s release, his brother Lupillo Rivera already had a place in the genre, so forging a proper name cost her work: “The battle of a woman in a gender of men, to gain a place, because first it was ‘Lupillo’s sister’, and then it was ‘Lupillo, Jenni Rivera’s brother’, but it took a lot of work. Lupillo recognizes that he overcame it and is not bothered or envious, “he said.

Jenni Rivera in her youth was the victim of various abuses, reasons that strengthened and encouraged her to sing empowering music, according to “La chicuela” (Instagram)

The chicuela highlighted Jenni’s legacy as a woman who broke stereotypes in the band: “We were used to seeing tall women like Ana Bárbara, great bodies like Selena, women with braids like Alicia Villarreal, I can mention many women from the region who are other types of bodies, or physique, and suddenly I see this woman fill the stage in an impressive way (…) The first woman to sing narcocorrido… they are not enchiladas. If it is difficult for men, imagine for women. She was a woman with impressive self-esteem and security despite her overweight and thousands of things, but to reach that security, let’s remember that she lived hell with Trino, her husband, “said the journalist.

So during the early morning of December 9, 2012, tired but excited by the triumph of her show, Jenni was willing to attend the reporters present for almost an hour: “We were four or five media outlets who had stayed until after 1 in the morning. He gave us a kiss and a hug, that ‘thank you because you came to the concert’ “, Uriel Reyna said, “What’s going on? Jenni is down, but you thought at the time, ‘Well, it’s because of the problems she has.”

His brother, the one called Bull of the corrido, appeared at that concert in a surprise appearance after rumors of quarrels with his sister:

That night we were there greeting each other, talking to each other, thank God it was the last time, how good that we were able to sing together for the last time, I think that is something very valuable from God, I believe that God is sending a message for everyone to understand the media “Jenni Rivera said goodbye to Lupillo on stage”

Lupillo Rivera feels happy to have been able to say goodbye to his sister on stage (Photo: Instagram by Lupillo Rivera)

Lupillo Rivera feels happy to have been able to say goodbye to his sister on stage (Photo: Instagram by Lupillo Rivera)

A few days before that night, on the radio show Direct contact with Jenni RiveraThe singer communicated with Lupillo with whom she smoothed out rough edges “as if to leave everything in peace,” according to the former producer of the program. “Don’t worry, you are my sister,” Lupillo told her on that occasion.

The night of his last show, Jenni said goodbye to the media especially affectionate and effusive, thanking her for their love: “God bless you, thank you for coming. He got up and left, he had never said goodbye like this, never, “recalled reporter Uriel Reyna.

It was contemplated that that same night, the interpreter of Unforgettable He would go to greet his friends from the MS Band, who also performed in the city of Monterrey, however The singer changed her plan at the last minute and decided to move with her team to Toluca, to reach Mexico City where he continued with the recordings of Mexico’s voice, reality show where it served as coach.

The work team that accompanied Jenni Rivera on that fateful flight (Photo: Jenni Rivera social networks)

The work team that accompanied Jenni Rivera on that fateful flight (Photo: Jenni Rivera social networks)

Arturo Rivera, his publicist; Jacob Yebale, his personal makeup artist; Jorge Martínez, his stylist and Mario Macías, his lawyer, went with Jenni to the Monterrey international airport to address the Airjet 25 registration N345MC that flew to Toluca. Already on the plane The big lady one last one was taken with the team selfie which still managed to upload to Twitter, exciting his fans.

The transfer to the Toluca airport would last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, however, 31 minutes and 28 seconds after takeoff, the Monterrey-Toluca control towers lost all communication with the aircraft.


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