“Tonight I will watch Juventus”: Gino Russo, daddy of little Melissa, explains why he snubs White March commemorations

This Wednesday, it has been 25 years since 300,000 Belgians strolled in the streets of Brussels, on the occasion of the famous White March, following the Dutroux affair. A commemoration was held this Wednesday in the presence of the Prime Minister and Queen Mathilde.

On Facebook, Gino Russo, father of Melissa, one of Marc Dutroux’s victims, said he was invited to the tribute. But he did not go there, because he did not like the tenor of the invitation letter he received. In question: the “official” nature of the celebrations, which poses a problem according to him.

“The White March was the butterfly effect of the parents’ actions in reaction to the attitude and the passivity of the authorities in the face of the criminal kidnapping of Julie and Melissa. This Sunday, October 17, Carine and I commemorated this 25 years anniversary in the La Brouck stele in Trooz, in memory of Julie and Melissa and all the missing children, in solidarity with the victims of the floods. Like us, the parents of Julie and Melissa, the help and solidarity of the population did not come together. not wait, just as the victims of July 13 are still waiting for the presence and concrete action of the public authorities while winter is here! For this October 20, 2021, we were invited by ‘Child Focus’. We declined “, explains Gino Russo on Facebook.

He then details the reasons. “Here is a copy / paste from the letter received. ‘The board of directors and management of Child Focus have the honor to invite you to the official commemoration of the White March. The tribute to the victims will take place on Wednesday, October 20 2021 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Parc Royal, in front of the statue of Jean-Michel Folon ‘. The official commemoration of the White March … I have read this sentence 3 times which calls out to me! October 20, I will not go to Brussels for the (official) commemoration of a march which was anything but official and where Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and His Majesty the Queen will be present! Tonight I will be watching TV at From 8:45 p.m., I will watch Juventus de Turin in the Champions League. Since I was little, I have been a supporter of Juventus, that’s good news: there is nothing interesting on Belgian TV channels this Wednesday, October 20. “

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