Toñita explodes and clarifies if Carlos Rivera is gay: forgive me | VIDEO

Toñita, former member of The academy, is involved in controversy over allegedly have questioned the relationship from Cynthia Rodríguez and singer Carlos Rivera: he is gay? This after he dropped a ‘bomb’ in show business, after accusing the host of Come the joy to stop his artistic career. Therefore, in the face of all this controversy, Again Toñita came out to show her face with an explanatory message. Did Toñita question Carlos Rivera’s sexual preference? Do you think it is a simulation? We tell you what we know.

It was through his Instagram account, where Toñita clarified all the controversy that was generated as a result of having spoken in Gossip No Like about some preferences of TV Azteca executives and the abuse of power. He reiterated that Cynthia Rodriguez yes it was involved.



The graduate of the first generation of the TV Azteca program, assured that in effect, Because of Cynthia Rodríguez, several projects were hampered and her career stopped.. That is, he recounted his version of events.

“I told him ‘you want your mother to break you’ what happened? … (Later) I found that a partner had threatened, I found that he had threatened his family with death, that he wanted to hit a partner when that didn’t happen ”, Toñita indicated.

“Because it was a bad element, they took my album away … they took away the promotion, they took away the commercial, they took me out of the Christmas album and they frozen me for six months, and that here and in China is called abuse of power”, added.


Yet with my head held high, asked not to put words in his mouth. Did you say that Carlos Rivera, Cynthia Rodríguez’s partner is gay? Did you question your affair? Did you say that everything is simulation?

“Do not put words in my mouth or think for me, what I say I hold, what you think is already your anger, not mine”, specifically indicated on the issue of Carlos Rivera and his sexuality.

He assured that he never said that Carlos Rivera is gay. He explained that using the phrase “friend notice” is only because he hangs out with members of the LGBT community where that saying is very common:

“Say ‘friend, realize’, forgive my life, but I hang out with many gay boys, I have gay friends … I never said Carlos Rivera is gay, Carlos Rivera is sleeping with, Carlos did this”, Toñita commented.


Finally, he asked that his words not be misinterpreted; However, he maintained the statement: Cynthia Rodríguez stopped her career at TV Azteca.

Cynthia Rodríguez breaks the silence: is Carlos Rivera gay?

Cynthia Rodriguez is immersed in a controversy as a result of the statements made by her former partner of The academy, Toñita, that the current host of Come the joy prevented his artistic growth in TV Azteca. But Toñita has not limited himself to pointing out the also singer for this reason, but has questioned Rodríguez’s relationship with Carlos Rivera.

That is why what Cynthia exposed today on the Uncensored La Resolana podcast, about the rumors about the falsehood of her courtship, has gained a lot of weight.

“They invented a rumor that I have a false relationship, which is by contract. First they had said it was because I … the day the note came out it was: ‘Cynthia is dating for a contract, it is false and it is because they want to go to Televisa ‘”Cynthia told the program’s hosts, Capi Pérez, Fran Hevia and Fer Gay.

The singer pointed out that the day that rumor spread “she had just sign a contract with Azteca, then I laughed; when that note came out I laughed a lot, because it was from ‘Imagine’ “.

“I had the luck, the fortune to live with the two of you together and the least that is seen is false, it is seen that they love each other,” added Fer Gay.

Cynthia said that “when you don’t publish it, when you don’t share much, people start inventing a thousand things. What do they invent!”

In addition, Rodríguez said that on some occasion a band musician invented that he had been intimate with her. And before the doubts of the conductors about who or what group, the singer did not want to give more details.

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