Tonton David, from Rouen at heart, has supported the actions of Débarquement Jeunes for years

The interpreter of “Each his own way, each his own way”, recently disappeared in Metz, had been involved for more than twenty years alongside the Rouen association chaired by Stéphane Méterfi to help young people in the neighborhoods.

Died in hospital after a stroke at Metz station on February 14, 2021, singer Tonton David known for his reggae hits had a special link with Rouen. He had even considered moving there with his wife and children.

His first stay in Rouen dates back to 1994 when he met Stéphane Méterfi, the president of the Youth Landing Association, intervening in the field of city policy with mediation and prevention actions but also cultural and sports actions aimed at promoting the integration of young people in the society.

Very convincing, the young president told him “You must come with us!” And the star singer came. It should be noted, to set the context, that a few years earlier, in 1990, came out the first tube of Tonton David entitled “The blues of the scum” whose words describing the drift of teenagers from suburban neighborhoods marked a whole generation.

Artist and activist

After a concert in Grand-Quevilly, Tonton David started to get involved with the association:

“Before, I was always very disinterested in French social and political life. And it was Stéphane Méterfi who made me discover how much it was necessary to get involved in the social, associative and political life of the country where we are. . “

He then gradually discovered the associative world and became a man of the field.

VIDEO: Stéphane Méterfi tells how Tonton David became Rouen by heart with Débarquement Jeunes

Generous, simple and faithful

Tonton David will then respond each time to invitations from the Débarquement Jeunes association for meetings on the theme of living together with young people and to participate in citizenship forums in Normandy and in districts of different French cities. Always for a good cause, he gave the kick-off of an FCR match against Nancy in a packed Robert Diochon stadium.

There were also discussions with inmates at the Bonne Nouvelle prison in Rouen. It is at The Night of the Trophies 2014, on the stage of Rouen Arts Theater that Uncle David found the graffiti artist Jace (the father of the “Gouzou”), Le Havre who had gone to live in Reunion so dear to his heart.

VIDEO: Uncle David at the Night of the Trophies 2014 at the theater of arts in Rouen, during the 20th anniversary of the association Débarquement Jeunes

A last album prepared in Rouen

Friend of Stéphane Méterfi, Tonton David came very regularly to Rouen. Lately this is where he was preparing his last album titled “A Job or a Bizz.”

The online jackpot launched by his children and his wife the day after his death must be used to finance funeral costs, but also, as a posthumous tribute, to allow the release of this album whose lyrics are committed and particularly topical.

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